WHAT?!?! Scott up 2 in FL Govenor’s race?

    Reuters/IPSOS just released their latest Florida poll, and it is touted as more good news for Marco Rubio. However buried WAY WAY down in the article is this interesting little nugget… The race to replace Crist as governor is close, with Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink statistically tied, Scott with 47 percent and Sink with 45 percent, the poll found. Now to be | Read More »

    It’s Not ALL About the Benjamins

    After hearing the accounts of the first Florida gubernatorial debate today, I came to the conclusion that Rick Scott is a lot like the New York Yankees: a lot of money to built the team, some early success in the polls…but even a big budget doesn’t guarantee success every game or every season. The political press, like the media everywhere is obsssed with money. The | Read More »

    Rick Scott and the Illegal Immigration Money Pipeline

    Rick Scott has certainly made a splash in the Florida Governor’s race, and may be about to make an ever bigger one…but not in the same way his multi-million dollar opening media buy did. $300 million dollars will buy a lot, and it looked to me like Rick Scott was doing just that: executing a hostile takeover of the Florida governor’s race. I’ve worked with | Read More »