Has the Chicago Way come to Texas?

    Local disasters have a way of being very hit and miss in terms of gaining a national spotlight.  Katrina and the BP disaster, of course, were major stories even on the world stage.  Last spring’s floods in Nashville, on the other hand, went largely unnoticed by much of the media. In the column of those gone largely unnoticed is the flooding in the Rush Creek area | Read More »

    Austin, TX area gets 10+” of rain within 24 hours (RedState is coming here?)

    Early morning greetings from Round Rock, Texas. It’s still raining. Hermine has been a bitch. At least one area has 15 inches of rain! Austin normally likes tropical storms from the Gulf. By the time the storm gets here, it’s usually much-needed rain. But no one has seen anything like this. I-35 has been closed at Georgetown. Cesar Chavez (a popular thoroughfare) has been flooded. | Read More »

    Pakistan Flooding: A CIA Conspiracy?

    Uh…no. But you might be forgiven for thinking that if you read the Pakistani blogs. That’s right, the Pakistan blogs are all going nuts (literally) over a new conspiracy theory that says the CIA intentionally caused the flooding that’s destroying their country. You might wonder how the CIA supposedly caused this flooding. Blowing up a dam? No, too obvious. Opening floodgates? Still too obvious. Manufacturing | Read More »

    The flood from New Orleans came north

    Rain, rain go away… And with it, please take back the flood of people from New Orleans! If I have to hear one more interview with ungrateful people complaining that nobody is providing them with diapers and formula, shampoo and underwear, I’ll scream. My family and I live in an area where we were warned we might also have to leave at a moment’s notice | Read More »