Drain the Swamp

    The heroes of Flight 93 didn’t have a week to conclude we were under terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The attacks had no precedent. Flight 93′s passengers had scant shreds of information but a ton of common sense and the will to act. Were it not for their decisive action, we’d now have a crater on Capitol Hill, or a Perpetual Peace Garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, instead of a silent memorial in the woods near Shanksville, PA.

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    Foggy Bottom Bottoms Out.

    The state of the State Department can be best described as useless, in any practical sense. ‘Foggy Bottom’ pretty aptly describes the decision making process in our State Department. I really hope that Hillary keeps to her stated intention not to run for president in 2012. She’d have a pretty rough time defending her performance as Secretary of State. Garbage in… garbage out. But then, | Read More »

    From Our Readers.

    We have a really savvy bunch of readers. They really get it and they don’t need my, or anyone’s, prompting to carry the banner of Conservative patriotism forward. I don’t even know how many sites we’re on but it’s a lot, and then we get picked up from there by other outlets. We get mail from some of the most unlikely places, and we get | Read More »