What Hath Big Government Wrought?

    When I was a kid (mid- to late-’60s), nightly TV news shows were everyone’s source of information. Alongside from the flickering bland-and-white coverage of the Vietnam war and protesting hippies, I distinctly remember stories that would be foreign to us in 2009: food prices. Yes, food prices. Right there in the segment where today you’d expect to see updates on gasoline prices, you’d have David | Read More »


    MINOR STORIES OF INTERESTING TIMES May you live in interesting times is an ancient Chinese aphorism and, for better or worse, we seem to be living in very interesting times.  Whether our times will be times to remember fondly is another matter entirely. None of the following stories come close to matching the newsworthiness of the debacle in Illinois where Governor Rod Blagosomething had a | Read More »

    Some Weekend Cultural Upliftenment – Romanian Lunch Menu

    This is the fish page from a lunch menu, photographed by your humble correspondent this past Monday in Oradea, Romania…. (A pity that flickr mucks up images, as the original is much clearer. Be sure to squint in to read the “subtitles” with each item!) Comments are encouraged….

    Impeachnuts Should Listen to Ordinary Americans

    I call them the impeachnuts. They’re a small but zealous group of members of the congress who are obsessed with their hatred of President Bush and members of his administration. Displaying the late-stage symptoms of BADS (Bush Administration Derangemnt syndrome), they’ve been grandstanding with the prospects of impeaching the president and vice president. Never mind that the odds of actually convincing the full House to | Read More »

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