McCain/Palin clear choice for bright future

    I fully support John McCain and my Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Mr. McCain clearly has vital experience via his years of public service and Military Career. Ms. Palin is without a doubt the best governor Alaska has seen in many years. She is in charge of a billion dollar budget and she strives to do the what she feels is best for the citizens of | Read More »

    Saddleback Conversation (Server Test V 1.0)

    Well it’s almost time for the “conversation” from Saddleback Church, so I am posting this as an open thread. This is also going to turn into a test of RS 3.0 and the servers, hence the Server Test V 1.0 title. I hope Neil and company don’t mind and will cross their fingers as the balloon goes up and this first pseudo debate open thread. | Read More »

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    Obama will flip flop on this too

    Senator Obama has said that he oposes reparations for slavery.

    Lifelong Republican Stuck in the Middle

    The attack ad’s against Mr. O Bama is “OLD POLITICS” and showed me that your campaign and platform is nothing new, just the same old boring tactics everyone has come to loath. Your attack ad’s convinced myself and hundreds of other CEO’s around America that it is indeed time for a change and we will lead a grass roots initiative amongst the Business Executives of | Read More »

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    Republican Revolt on the Hill

    I think this is excellent and just what I have been waiting for. I hope that they can keep it up and that it gets more press coverage. “The House adjourned about three hours ago, but GOP lawmakers, outraged that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats went home for five weeks without allowing a vote on offshore drilling, have refused to leave the floor. | Read More »

    Time for Unity and a single combined force

    We stand at a unique moment in history and I will say it many times over. If you are conservative, no matter what, Mormon, Evangelical, Catholic or whatever, then what does it matter who the VP is. It would plain suicide for all Conservatives, if the choice of a VP would make some not vote. At the end of the day any choice, whoever it | Read More »

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