So, Which Murderers are your Taxes Funding?

    As the budget battle rages on and as we continue to fund domestic baby-killers, do we have to fund foreign ones as well?! For years, the left wing foreign policy establishment has rapturously promoted the ‘Palestinians’ as the cause célèbre of our national security interests.  Despite their unyielding commitment to terror, these supercilious ‘wizards of smart’ have credulously identified the creation of a ‘Palestinian’ state | Read More »

    Rand Paul is Right on Foreign Aid

    Unfortunately, we often work assiduously to elect an alleged conservative who upon assumption of office, vacillates between the right and the center. Thankfully, that has not been the case with Rand Paul.  He has not wasted time being a timid, freshman, do-nothing Senator.  In his first few weeks, he has had the temerity to push for private retirement accounts, reform of birthright citizenship, and has | Read More »

    Using Foreign Aid to Fight Terror in Pakistan

    When a country asks for help in developing its economy and fighting terror, what should donor nations do? Should they attach endless and intrusive requirements that not only make it difficult for the aid to have the intended impact, but also impinge on the sovereignity of the receiving nation? This was the question discussed by Ambassador Hussain Haqqani at a recent gathering of American and | Read More »

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