Bowing to Kings, Bowed By Pirates, Obama Shows His Weakness

    As Obama bows in supplication before a Saudi King then tries to spin his way out of his own actions, America is being humiliated by whelps at sea. He was just leaning, we’re told, not bowing. It was because the Saudi King is short or so goes the White House spin. But the Queen of England is even shorter than the Saudi King and there | Read More »

    The video French officials don’t want anyone to see

    Further proof of the “superiority” of the European way. The assault was recorded by bus CCTV. A policeman posted the video on a Facebook site: He has been arrested and suspended from his post. The authorities fear the video is being used by right-wing sites to stir up fear about racist violence by black and arab youths against French citizens. … The delegate for Sud-RATP, | Read More »


    No stop at Normandy.

    Our own Mark Impomeni lets us know over at AOL that we’re snubbing the French for a change: Reports out of London indicate that President Barack Obama declined an inviation from French President Nicholas Sarkozy to visit Normandy’s Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-mer on his way to Strasbourg for the NATO summit last week. The Daily Telegraph reports that White House officials | Read More »

    Obama Hacks Off France In Latest Foreign Policy Blunder

    We would like to think that this is a joke. Sadly, the French media is reporting as true that Barack Obama sent a letter to the President of France pledging support and friendship. His actual words were “I am certain that we will be able to work together, in the coming four years, in a spirit of peace and friendship to build a safer world.” | Read More »

    Paris (Hilton) rejects ‘Obama-style’ stimulus program…

    The article from International Herald Tribune: Paris rejects ‘Obama-style’ stimulus program What’s worse, that I immediately thought of Paris as in Paris Hilton or that it never even crossed my mind that this was about Paris, FRANCE. Kinda sad really. Also at

    Dorgan: Let’s Be Like France

    Both the House and Senate stimulus bills contain some pleasant-sounding ‘Buy America’ provisions, which require that all the steel used for construction funded in the bill be American-made. Rules like ‘Buy American’ may sound nice, but they are inherently unhelpful. In a global economy, what does ‘American-made’ mean? And how much of a premium should taxpayers cover to purchase ‘American-made’ products instead of others? Why | Read More »

    The Cheap Path Towards Political Popularity

    The most dangerous politician around is the kind whose bad policies are enabled by an adoring public. Nicolas Sarkozy has become a very dangerous politician: At 4 a.m. on Sept. 30, as the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was shaking up investors on six continents, President Nicolas Sarkozy convened an emergency meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris to broker the bailout of French-Belgian bank | Read More »

    Foreign Policy For DUMMIES- The Book(s) Obama Needs to Read

    France has a longstanding tradition of realism in foreign policy, as well as an unapologetic resolve to protect her national interests. Both were on display recently as French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner visited Israel and succinctly warned that Israel will hit Iranian nuclear sites before Iran can finish its race to build nuclear weapons. “First, because you will hit them before. And this is the | Read More »

    French Porn Apparently Does Have Standards

    One suspects had they done this on the American memorial instead of the Canadian one, they could have gotten off with just a slap on the wrist.


    France Opts For Sanity

    For years, the 35 hour workweek has served to hold France back economically. But now, modest steps are being taken to change all of that: The French Senate has voted to allow employers to opt out of the country’s 35-hour workweek, a significant change to an employment law much loved by French workers. The measure passed the Senate on Wednesday night. Support came from the | Read More »

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