DailyKos digs up Reagan for #WIRecall, forgets FDR

    President Obama and the Left love to use Ronald Reagan to illustrate the rightward shift within the Republican Party since the Gipper left the White House or to advocate for some liberal policy by claiming, “Reagan agreed with us!” Recently, President Obama’s White House edited Reagan’s official White House biography to include a reference to Obama’s proposed “Buffett Rule.” Obama claimed at the Associated Press luncheon | Read More »

    Forced Austerity.

    Does anyone remember that most of President Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘new deal’ was overturned by the courts and strongly opposed by Congressional Republicans, and not a few Democrats? They faced the ugly truth back then. Throwing government into any issue only results in making any problem infinitely much worse. Roosevelt’s redistributionist-socialist ideas only resulted in extending the depression by an extra ten or so years. There | Read More »

    Judicial Lightweight.

    She’s a college buddy of Obama’s. Her name is Elena Kagan. Her portfolio is as empty as Obama’s own. She has never tried a case in front of any court. She has written no legal briefs or opinions. She has never tried a case, either as council or as a judge. She has no qualification to sit on the highest court in the land. She’s | Read More »

    Is Accuracy An Option Now?

    In a piece via UPI, Martin Sieff explores some of the more egregious examples of the media bias this year. But for me he kind of ruined the whole effort with this paragraph: In the long sweep of U.S. political history, the worst dirt that has been thrown at either of the presidential candidates pales compared with……..the false claims by Republicans in the 1944 campaign | Read More »