It’s The Tax Plan Stupid!

    The Chicago Style Politician is playing a tax credit flute to lead the masses over the economic cliff. The Obama Plan will raise taxes on the poor, the middle class and the rich. His tax plan will ruin recovery of Wall Street and take away disposable income from Main Street. It’s the Tax Plan that can afford over $1.3 trillion dollars of new government spending. | Read More »

    Obama a Fraud: Not a Citizen

    Former Pennsylvania Attorney General in court challenging Obama’s qualifications for Preseident. Fact, he is not a natural born citizen. Take a look:

    Massive Voter Fraud

    The most distressing aspect of the massive voter fraud being discussed here at RedState is the origin of the problem: somehow we were convinced it would be a good idea for private groups to participate in the validation of our most basic right: the right to vote. How did we ever depart from the normal processes of having people show up in person to the | Read More »

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    Sign the online petition at Stop

    There is a new online petition you can sign onto, and I encourage everyone to do so. Let’s be the counterpunch to their efforts.

    Next Up In The Voter Fraud Derby: Pennsylvania [Promoted]

    Promoted from diaries, with a quote from the article below the fold. There were apparently over fifty seven thousand bad voter registrations (out of 250,000), and the claim is that most of these were from Democratic ally ACORN. – Moe Lane Our democracy is becoming a farce. McCain and Palin have to mention Obama, ACORN and voter fraud every single chance they get. Here is | Read More »

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    How to end 95% of election fraud, overnight

    **Ever thought of cutting your grass with a scissors when you own a self-propelled lawn mower? Then why are we using pencils and punch cards when we can take close-up photos of Saturn’s rings, and galaxies 100 million light years away? A national identification card that is bar-coded and difficult and expensive to counterfeit. It is linked to the Social Security database or simply a | Read More »

    Obama Friends, Influences and Endorsements

    This link will give a BIO on Obama’s friends and affiliations endorsing him. Radical and Socialist Influences:Saul AlinskyKhalid Abdullah Tariq al-MansourBill AyersCarl DavidsonFrank Marshall DavisBernardine DohrnJohn L. McKnightDemocratic Socialists of AmericaGamaliel FoundationNew PartySocialist Scholars Conference Political Allies and Advisors:Ali AbunimahMohamed Salim Al-ChurbajiDavid AxelrodJoe BidenGregg CraigJim JohnsonMarilyn KatzAnthony LakeRobert MalleyRaila OdingaAlice PalmerEli PariserGeorge SorosCass SunsteinDorothy TillmanJoyce WheelerTim Wheeler Foundations: Joyce FoundationWoods Fund of Chicago

    Stealing Lawn Signs

    Saw my McCain-Palin lawn sign get stolen last night. Thieves didn’t know that I live on a circle. Waited for them to complete the loop (took them longer than usual because they stopped to lift more signs). Got their plate number, called the local police and the thieves were apprehended. A short time later one of the culprits, an 18 year old, returned my sign | Read More »

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    Billionaires and Millionaires Endorse Obama

    The George Soros group of socialist billionaires and millionaires created the Democracy Alliance that is meant to be a financial clearinghouse. To date it has brokered more than $100 million in grants to liberal nonprofits that work for Community Services, Inc. specializes in field operations for grass roots organizing for “get-out-the-vote.” The Obama expense reports list the following payments to CSI: $564,342 for Stage, | Read More »

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    It’s not over until the fat lady sings!

    Be careful crowing too much about winning I love it when the democrats take the GOP to lightly. When the main stream media and the printed press are for a candidate, then you know “that one” is not who Americans want. Time and time again we are told what to like, who to like, who is best for us, and what is best for us. | Read More »

    ACORN Offices Raided!

    Fox News is reporting that the ACORN office in Las Vegas, Nevada was raided today as part of a voter fraud investigation. The raid was prompted by “ongoing complaints about ‘erroneous’ registration information” being submitted by ACORN under the Project Vote voter sign-up drive. “Some of them used nonexistent names, some of them used false addresses and some of them were duplicates of previously filed | Read More »

    Vote Fraud Obama style, the College Network did what none of the major media outlets did, uncovered and reported on “potential” vote fraud in Ohio. One woman interviewed on camera was a driver that was picking up homeless people from the streets and shelters in order to transport them to where they could register, and then vote for Obama. She blatantly said, “I tell them to vote for | Read More »

    At Issue the 2008 election

    Every voter needs to read these two articles: Spread the word!

    ACORN: The Poisonous NUT That Ended Democracy in America

    Within its shell, ACORN contains all the makings of an intriguing government political conspiracy movie: drama, injustice, organized crime, election fraud, intimidation, violence, money, lies, extortion and a presidential candidate.[1] If you are a patriotic, middle class American who spends most of your time working for your family and enjoying your FREEDOM, you have probably not been bothered by the sounds of an ACORN dropping | Read More »

    Dutch journo/Obama donor claims McCain made her write lies to newspapers

    A Dutch donor to Barack Obama writes in a Dutch paper, NRC Handelsblad, that she worked for the McCain campaign writing bogus letters to American newspapers. Romanesko reads to us from that Salon online teen magazine: “We are allowed to make up whatever we want — as long as it adds to the campaign,” writes Margriet Oostveen, who did time as a McCain volunteer and | Read More »