MediaCurves: And the best Anti-Obamacare TV Ad Award Goes to…

    MediaCurves did a survey of television ads on Obamacare, and determined that the most effective anti-Obamacare ad is this one. Here are some of the MediaCurve study results about this ad: “A majority of all parties believe FRC anti-reform ad is effective…. A positive impact score among Democrats suggests that there is some, albeit modest, movement of Democrats away from the pro health care reform | Read More »

    Barack’s Jesus talk

    For several years now the Democrats have sought to overcome the GOP’s advantage with Christian voters.  But their attempts to use “Jesus talk” have not been taken seriously by Christian conservatives, as their policies have largely flown in the face of their words.  There are some on the so-called “Christian Left” who have taken up with the Democrats, much like they have accused Christian conservatives | Read More »

    The Values Voters Gather

    Note: Head on over to FRCAction to view streaming video of this weekend’s conference. You want proof about how successful the Sarah Palin pick has been in coalescing and motivating the socially conservative base of the GOP? Look no further than the subdued schedule today at the FRCAction Values Voter conference in Washington, DC. A year ago, the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit propelled | Read More »