Free at last, free at last: celebrating the right to free-LOAD, at last

    Friends, let me begin by congratulating Barack Obama for freeing the American public from the burden of labor that for too long has trapped citizens into slavishly “providing” for themselves and their family.  Prior to the Affordable Care Act, far too many Americans, locked in employment, paid a heavy toll for trotting to work each morning, unable to think or act for themselves. Now, however, | Read More »

    Statism: the distilled essence of pessimism

    While I writing to commemorate the birthday of Ronald Reagan, I found myself reflecting on his good cheer and optimism.  Liberals hated him for that.  No one born after the Reagan years can really appreciate how much his confident humor got under the skin of his opponents, who caricatured him as an “amiable dunce” because he was upbeat.  (If you’re old enough to have lived through the | Read More »

    Aunt Samantha, the Wet Nurse

    Earlier today, the Congressional Budget Office released a report on the effect the Affordable Care Act is going to have on the economy. It’s not the rosy picture we were told by the president – not even close. By now, you’ve heard the stats (stats so damning, the Washington Post buried them four and five paragraphs into their take on it earlier today). 2.5 million | Read More »

    How to resist

    It didn’t occur to me, when writing of my reasons for skepticism of Big Government, that it would end up with something of a cliffhanger ending, or maybe an implied final sentence reading “… and that’s why we’re doomed.”  But I can see why the beast I described sounds formidable.  We’re generations past the point where it could have been reformed by a few visionaries, | Read More »

    Who Will Win the War Against Income Inequality?

    From each according to their ability to each according to their need was the hollow promise of the Soviet Union.  It was long known to be merely the cover for a ruthless Communist Party that pretended to build a worker’s paradise while in fact enslaving a nation for its own gain. Today this infamous lie has been resurrected in America as the war against income | Read More »

    Freedom is the only sustainable promise

    Decades of a hugely expensive War on Poverty, years of a rapidly expanding welfare state, and it seems like poverty is worse than ever.  Donald Lambro relates some melancholy statistics: It doesn’t get very much, if any, attention on the network news programs, but national poverty rates have been rising under the Obama administration over the last four years at least. According to the U.S. | Read More »

    Never the Twain Shall Meet

    When Kipling coined this phrase in the 19th century he was lamenting the gulf of understanding between the imperial British and their subjects on the Indian subcontinent.  It has since entered general usage meaning two things that are so different they have no opportunity to unite. In the development and discussion of liberty there are two strains which fit this description.  There is the English | Read More »

    Big Brother and the Duck

    George Orwell was right, but he was off by 30 years. In the novel 1984, Orwell described a police state where adoration of the leader, Big Brother, was the only worship allowed, where constant surveillance of speech ensured everyone conformed to state policy in word and deed, a constantly changing belief system defined who the enemy was this week, history was rewritten to edit out | Read More »

    A Different Approach

    Recently a federal judge ruled parts of Utah’s anti-polygamy law unconstitutional. It’s given the idea to expand the whole marriage conversation. My position on marriage leaving government out of the matter. When I say that I’m not specifically talking about pulling government out, I mean literally as a couple of any sort refusing government recognition or aid. I’m personally surprised more libertarians haven’t espoused this, | Read More »

    Farewell the Light

    Well, the time has come. After the first of the year, 40 watt and 60 watt incandescent bulbs are no more. After the big glittery light bulb descends on Times Square to mark the end of the year and usher in a new one, the globe will be taken, I suppose, to an empty lot nearby where Chief Nanny Bloomberg will be joined by Al | Read More »

    Poverty and free will

    Once again, Pope Francis has criticized what he perceives as the excesses of capitalism, offering a challenge that every champion of economic liberty should respond to.  In fact, we should be grateful for these challenges.  The Pope gives us a whetstone upon which our reason and moral arguments can be sharpened. I don’t mean to be too critical of Pope Francis – whose comments, delivered | Read More »

    Much like the frog our water is boiling!

    I am reminded of a fable about a frog and a boiling pot of water. I look around these days and can barely recognize the country we have become. According to our own President American exceptionalism is dead. We are inherently no better than the Greeks or the Iranians because after all everyone is special right? How did we get here? Some people will look | Read More »

    Honest freedom

    At the New York Daily News, Michael Cohen presents the strongest form of a talking point liberals have thus far been cautious about deploying: Obama had to lie to us, for our own good, to bring us the wonder and glory of ObamaCare. In selling the health-care plan that bears his name, President Obama has, according to the fact-checking website Politifact, said at least 34 times that “if you like your | Read More »

    On Leadership: Winston Churchill & Ted Cruz

    In May 1940 the world faced a menace unlike any it had ever seen. After a decade of economic body blows, much of the world was weary. With the carnage of WWI only 20 years past few people had the stomach to fight for much of anything. It was only with great reluctance that in September 1939 the British and the French declared war on | Read More »

    Tyranny of the majority

    There was a time when the Left was very concerned about the “tyranny of the majority,” as everyone of all political persuasions should be.  Once in a while, you see a few sparks popping and sizzling on that old ideological circuitry, mostly when the discussion turns to same-sex marriage. But for the most part, tyranny of the majority is liberal policy now.  A single politician | Read More »