Liberal Conspiracy to Frame and Defame TeamSarah: Busted!

    by Bill Collier (1/2/09) Community Governance Adviser- Team Sarah Administrator-The Freedom Congress USA, an online community of over 63,000 who admire Sarah Palin and all she stands for, currently is experiencing an attempt at framing the whole community as guilty of unsavory racist behavior.  This apparently is part of an overall attempt by the the worst elements of the progressive faction, conduct for | Read More »

    War Warning For India

    Cross Posted from William R Collier Jr.The American Freedomist Pakistan promises to aid India Stating that India should not jump to conclusions Hussain Hariqqa, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, promised Pakistan’s support in the fight against terror. This more conciliatory tone is encouraging. If rogue elements within the ISI it is probable that the Pakistani government will take more serious measures to root them | Read More »

    The 57th State On Red State

    William R Collier Jr.The 57th State on RedState The Freedom Sphere includes the virtual, social, and information networks, communities, blogs, websites, organizations, and groups that are run by and for freedom focused individuals, groups, organizations, clubs, businesses, and associations of any kind. To be Freedom Focused means that you embrace The Four Core Ideals of Freedomism: Unity in diversity (Liberty, Civil Rights), Popular sovereignty (Independence, | Read More »