Reviewing the October fundraising numbers.

    As promised. Short version: DNC beat RNC, NRSC edged DSCC, DCCC edged NRCC, and cash on hand would worry me more if the GOP hadn’t just removed the NJ & VA governorships from the Democrats and essentially handed NY-23 as part of a unfortunate but necessary life lesson to the GOP leadership. RNC 9.06 11.29 0.00 DNC 11.58 12.96 4.40 NRSC 4.00 5.80 0.00 DSCC | Read More »

    The GOP’s Fundraising Problems, Written In Bold

    Erick threw up a couple of posts earlier today about the woes the NY GOP is experiencing with Dede Scozzafava (here and here), and in mid-post, Moe illustrated the effect of Erick’s cause. As evidenced by the massive turnout by Conservatives in TEA parties across the land, the GOP’s base is much more energized than the Democrats’. So why is the GOP still behind the | Read More »

    Help a Conservative raise some fundage…

    One of our best and brightest bloggers is having a Fund Drive.  He does this because he cannot find the money men to support his dream of a Conservative G.O.P.  The reason he cannot is because it appears those with the money are those same RINO’s WE are consistently griping about.  Much has been written recently of the “disconnect” between the GRASSROOTS & the National | Read More »

    Reviewing the September fundraising numbers.

    It’s that time again.  Short version: RNC beat DNC, but DSCC & DCCC significantly outraised their counterparts – sufficiently so that the Democrats raised more overall for the month.  When debt is factored in, the Democrats also went from being significantly behind on cash-on-hand to being slightly ahead.  That being said: the RNC and NRCC are both reporting significant increases in small-person donors. Raised CoH | Read More »

    The Washington Post catches up with me on the fundraising story. Yes, *me*.

    A regular reader of mine might be forgiven for wondering why there’s any sort of surprised tone in this Washington Post article. Democrats Are Jarred by Drop In Fundraising Democratic political committees have seen a decline in their fundraising fortunes this year, a result of complacency among their rank-and-file donors and a de facto boycott by many of their wealthiest givers, who have been put | Read More »

    Reviewing the August Fundraising numbers.

    Wouldn’t you know it: I decide not to do anything consequential and the fundraising numbers become available. Short version: the GOP out-raised the Democrats for the first time since April; the NRSC beat out the DSCC for the second month; the NRCC continues to stay essentially tied with the DCCC; and the Democrats aren’t paying their debt down. Raised CoH Debts RNC 7.87 20.97 0.00 | Read More »

    Fitting the Pieces for Mike Huckabee

    The excitement this morning on Twitter seems all about Mike Huckabee. There has been no doubt in my mind that he never stopped running for President after conceding the nomination to John McCain last year. He just changed which Presidential election he was running in. Which is why it was such a huge (but very silly, given the timing) argument late last year over who | Read More »

    Reviewing the July Fundraising numbers.

    Short version: Democrats had a good month for the DNC – they beat out the RNC for a change – which was enough to let them end with a edge in amount raised and total cash-on-hand of a couple million. Fortunately, July fundraising for the congressional and senatorial committees was not a repeat of June’s: despite their having a significant edge in membership, the DSCC | Read More »

    Reviewing the June fundraising numbers.

    Short version: the Democrats had a good month in their Congressional/Senatorial Committee fundraising (double their previous month’s totals, as well as double their Republican counterparts); the RNC is back to outraising the DNC; cash on hand is at parity, except that the GOP is running with a debt that’s 1/10th of their total and the Democrats are running with one that’s half; and this is | Read More »

    Jne fundraising: NRCC and DCCC

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had its strongest monthly fundraising performance to date in June, and now holds more cash-on-hand that outstanding debt for the first time this year. Aided by a fundraiser headlined by President Obama, the DCCC raised $7.15 million – twice as much as the NRCC’s fundraising haul over the month. It now has $9.73 million cash-on-hand, and owes $6 million in | Read More »

    June Fundraising: NRSC and DSCC

    NRSC raised 3.4 million. They have no debt and 4.3 million cash on hand. The DSCC raised 6.2 million. They have 3.7 million in debt and 7.9 million cash on hand. Bottom line: Democrats maintain an advantage in fundraising and cash on hand, while Republican’s continue to keep no debt. Sounds a lot like the country. Democrats are good at raising money (taxes) and making debt.

    Why you should be taking advantage of this NRCC offer.

    Let’s start with the NRCC’s incentive program for last-minute 2Q donations that they announced yesterday: Every dollar you give through tomorrow, June 30th, will be quadrupled. So if you give $5, we’ll make it $20. If you can afford $25, we’ll make it $100. That’s four times the impact of a normal contribution, and it will be put to immediate use replacing Pelosi’s puppets in | Read More »

    Recapping Bidens LGBT speech.

    So… the guy who’s against gay marriage (unlike his predecessor) went to a LGBT fundraiser and told them that his boss (who is also against gay marriage) intends to get DoMA repealed (while at the same he’s still defending it, in terms that started a backlash) and wants to end DADT (while doing nothing to actually end it*); and in the process somehow manages to | Read More »

    Reviewing the May fundraising numbers.

    Yup, it’s that time again.  Short version: the DNC beat the RNC last month, thanks to a Presidential fundraiser; but the NRSC actually raised more money last month than the DSCC; and the DCCC raised only about 200K more than the NRCC.  While the cash-on-hand edge for the GOP is less than it was last month’s, it’s because the Democrats are still not retiring their | Read More »

    Obama Not Solving Democrat Money Woes

    When Democrats gained a firm lock on all the power in Washington, one thing that seemed sure to follow was a huge edge in fundraising. After all, Barack Obama is a one-man money machine, and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would surely be able to raise tons of cash from industries worried how Congress might treat them. Instead, their fundraising has been lackluster – and | Read More »