Pentagon Begins Notifying Civilian Employees of Furloughs

    The military is starting to notify civilian employees of possible sequestration related furloughs. Below is part of one of the emails sent out this morning. Pay particular attention to the last bullet point: Furlough duration: First, enacting civilian unpaid furloughs is a measure of last resort. If it does occur, the most likely option is one day per week for the last 22 weeks of | Read More »

    Sometimes I’m so good I just scare myself!

    So, way back in February when the news was all about Aah-nold getting a grip on those CA state employee unions and furloughing employees to save money I wrote this: Today, I read in the McClatchey rag, Anchorage’s California based newspaper, this: I missed it a bit because I’m not real up on CA’s wierd public labor laws and they got it from | Read More »