Put up or Shut up

    The democrats can and are passing a lot of bills that are taking the country down the wrong path.  That’s fine because if the Republicans can get their act together, they can undo much of it in two years.  The most important stand the Republicans MUST take is to protect the Supreme Court.  With Souter’s retirement it is time for Republicans to put up or | Read More »

    National Elections in South Africa Today

    South Africa is holding its quinquennial national and provincial elections today. Of course, I care about this – because that’s a regular travel-and-business spot for me. But everyone should care at least a bit about this situation, since it will be rather pivotal for us in the years ahead. Here’s what to watch – and why you should care….

    Why we lost, why we will continue to lose…..

    Now that it is obvious that Norm Coleman has lost the Senate race in Minnesota I have come out of hibernation.  I made several diary entries last election cycle, but when it became painfully obvious that we were going to get a butt kicking I decided to pull back and watch.   On election night I was astonished at how badly and thoroughly we were defeated. | Read More »

    Let’s have a moratorium on the blame game

    Really the calls for and against a circular firing squad or lynch mob as it may be have got me to thinking. We really should stop our witch hunt and get down to the brass tacks of what we have left, and how we can better utilize our shrinking power. As conservatives we always say that we never depend on Washington, well, here is our | Read More »

    The Bushes: What’s Next?

    Not much has been made yet of just what President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush will do come January 21, 2009. Reports have surfaced that the couple is likely to sell their Crawford ranch and purchase a new home in the suburbs of Dallas. Of course they will write books and so on, but what else?

    The Republican Party CAN Appeal to Everyone

    Guess what? The Republican Party (as well as conservatism) is dead. The death occured on November 4th, and the funeral was on November 5th. Not only is this hogwash, but it’s served as a rallying cry for me. I know conservatism is alive and well, and I still know that the United States is a center-right country. Anyone else who tells me otherwise gets a | Read More »

    Where do we go from here?

    If we continue to compromise, move to the left and try to please all people then our party is doomed to failure. We need to stand for something and communicate that to the American People. I’m not here to tell you what you should stand for but I personally believe in protecting those who can least protect themselves (the unborn and the elderly are but | Read More »

    The Great Wheel of American Politics

    Looking over American political history in the “modern era”, there is a clear cyclical pattern – a great wheel of American politics if you will. Looked at from the right, we let “hope” get the better of us and run to the liberal extreme of trying to protect everyone from their bad decisions and control the economy to be more “fair and equitable” and conorm | Read More »

    A Republican Party For A Secular America

    (This is a long diatribe, but I would appreciate anyone that takes the time to read it and get feedback.) One mistake I’m afraid too many Republicans are going to make is that the back-to-back defeats that were given to Republicans around the country was merely a result of Bush being unpopular, and that once he’s gone, we’ll be running the country once again. The | Read More »

    Protecting Sarah Palin; Keep Her Far, Far, Far Away from Washington

    I’ve read and listened to a lot of talk about Sarah’s immediate future. For now, she just needs to stay in Alaska and lay low. Here are five good reasons: Keep her out of the Senate. The Senate is poison. If she is in the Senate, she will have to cast votes on complex omnibus bills and take positions on controversial issues. Unlike Obama, the | Read More »

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    When we lost 2008

    If you would, please participate with me in a little mental exercise. Try and pinpoint the exact moment the Republicans lost the 2008 elections. When you think about it, anyone who follows politics, can site multiple examples of election cycle blunders and outside influences that contributed to our sizable defeat, but when did we really lose? The markets tanking is first example often stated and | Read More »

    Time to move Onward and Upward

    Seeing how we lost tough races this past election I think it has to do with a few reasons. These reasons include the erosion of the conservative views and lack of trust that our elected officials hold in office. We need to fix these problems in order to get our ideas out in the open. We need to re-energize our base and find out why | Read More »

    Lets Discuss Where Our Party Goes From Here! Upward and Onward. All Thoughts Welcome!

    Can anyone let me know when does redistricting occur before 10 elections or after? I believe there are many worry signs for our party in this election and the first is the continuation of Republican Party brand name being destroyed in many of these blue states. How many Republicans represent districts won by Kerry/Obama now? Young in FL, Gerlach in PA, Kirk IL, and Reichert | Read More »

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    Take some comfort from Hayek

    Obama won, and the Democrats have significant (but not insurmountable) margins in Congress. In theory, they could do significant damage with this power, and some of the dire predictions are not impossible for Democrats, given the political will. We would all do well to remember that the Democrat coalition is not a unified socialist majority marching in lockstep to a common drummer, but a collection | Read More »

    The Future? Part 1 – Race Relations & Immigration

    Our biggest long-term problem is the party’s race relations. For decades now Republicans (and even conservatives in general) have very successfully been labeled as racists and bigots. Yes, this is very largely because our opponents have driven this message to the public, but ultimately it is our fault for not working hard enough to selling ourselves and our accomplishments in this area.