Liz Carter for Congress!

    With President Obama’s recent endorsement of Representative Hank “Guam may tip over and capsize” Johnson, it is clear that the incumbent is increasingly out of step with the changes taking place in his District and State. For the first time in nearly two decades Georgia’s District 4, which was previously home to Rep. Cynthia McKinney, currently the home for the great sport of island tipping, | Read More »

    Liz Carter deserves your support

    Liz Carter is running for Georgia’s 4th Congressional District seat. She is facing Hank Johnson, who the other day stated his belief that overpopulation would cause Guam to capsize. Video via the campaign YouTube channel. Hank needs to go. Liz talked about it at the April Gwinnett County (GA) Republican meeting. If you want to help Liz “Yank Hank”, you can donate here.