Gender: Optional

    Joseph Romero, a 6 year-old Arizona boy, was diagnosed as transgender last October and is beginning his/her transition to becoming a female. When he/she reaches the age of 12, he will be given female hormones containing estrogen and plans to undergo surgery when she is an adult in order to become a full woman. In the UK last September, a 12 year-old boy turned up | Read More »

    Anti-Federalist No. 1 – A Nation Divided

    The Divided States of America: I will not start this blog off with a bunch of rhetoric about what this nation was founded upon. Instead I want to impress upon my readers what this nation does not stand for as of THIS date. Because we can go tit for tat about all of the bad things the U.S. government has done, and while it may | Read More »

    Tim Gill’s Merry Band Failed in New York.

    You may remember Tim Gill from this Atlantic Monthly profile. Gill is the multi-millionaire gay man who helped fund the left’s take over of Colorado. Gill is playing for keeps and gay marriage. He funds local races and state legislative races to get legislatures to pass gay marriage without the consent of the voters. He keeps a low profile, bundles with lots of donors to | Read More »

    Government and Marriage

    One point often overlooked in the gay marriage debate is the reason why Government States recognize heterosexual marriage: To govern the inheritance of land and title amongst biological offspring of the union. In other words – which of your kids gets what when you punch your ticket to the afterlife? Sadly, when a large part of the world is illiterate, there is no Last Will | Read More »

    Gay marriage…not religion but intellectual honesty

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    Maine Makes Thirty-One

    As some of you well may know, I am against marriage as a state institution. The state has taken something good and twisted it into something rotten. Marriage has more to do with politicians and lawyers than your local clergy. I say we make Civil Unions gender blind and give your local church/temple/mosque the legal protection to marry whoever thy want. Things like “age of | Read More »

    PPP Brings Christmas in November: Maine Int. Yes 51% No 47% (Yes=No the Gay Marriage!)

    PPP brings more good news tonight! 51% of Maine voters say no to gay marriage!! Remember: Yes= No to Gay Marriage, No= Yes to Gay Marriage

    Stand Up For Traditional Marriage

    On November 4th, the people spoke out on gay marriage – but the attacks on traditional marriage continue. Voters in California, Arizona and Florida added their voices to those in twenty seven other states by adding amendments to their state constitutions defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. But now, radical liberals and gay activists are working to overturn the will | Read More »

    Same Sex Couples in the Census. Again.

    Remember how no White House Easter Roll had been streamed on the internet until Barack Obama got to the White House, even though George Bush had done the same thing? Remember all the other examples of Barack Obama declaring something a first, despite George Bush, Bill Clinton, or some other President having done it first? Well, news comes out today that the census will ask | Read More »

    Just Say No to Gay Marriage

       For the time being, we still live in a free country. But I can see that our freedom is slowly being eroded away. Many brave men and women have sacrificed, fought, worked and have even died to establish and to protect our freedom. They have earned and deserve our full respect and support.    I recognize and respect a person’s right to live their | Read More »

    Opposition to Gay Marriage Wins NY GOP Senate Control [UPDATED]

    [UPDATE] As I’ve already noted in comments, Hiram Monserrate is in point of fact no prize: he’s currently under indictment for going after his girlfriend with a broken beer bottle.  Can’t say that he looks any better with an R after his name than he did with a D, although I’m perfectly willing to bet that his former compatriots will immediately proclaim that he magically | Read More »

    Can Connecticut Forcibly Order the Church to Reorganize? Is the Church a “Lobbyist” for Opposing Such Interference?

    The Connecticut Office of State Ethics (OSE) is poised to investigate and penalize the Diocese of Bridgeport for having the temerity to exercise at least four of the five sections of the First Amendment (religion, speech, assembly, petition). The story begins earlier this year when Connecticut State Senator Andrew McDonald proposed legislation (S. 1098) that would have forced the Catholic Church, contrary to the church’s | Read More »

    Homosexual “marriage” now the law in NH

    Isaiah 5:20 – Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! New Hampshire used to be a bright red state swimming in a sea of blue in New England. Now, thanks to the hopey changey election of 2008, we have a legislature that has tackled | Read More »

    Save the Celebrations For Later

    Before the high fives and back-slapping celebrations begin over the California Supreme Court’s decision upholding Proposition 8, a little dose of reality is in order.  While the ink was barely dry on the decision, there is already an appeal of that decision in the federal courts.  Considering it would most likely eventually end up in the left of liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the | Read More »

    For Want of a Nail

    Be Careful What You Wish For Liberals.  It’s almost within your collective grasp.  Don’t trip. The disparate Left will soon implode.  Its center cannot hold.  The sublimated segments that make up that rough beast won’t remain cohesive for long.  Recalcitrant interest groups won’t agree on anything.  Everyone wants to cut in line, and get first-dibs on the good grub.  Such is the case with those | Read More »