Will Gay Marriage Cost Dems the NY Senate?

    Since election day, a great deal of attention has been focused on California, and the rifts exposed among Democrats by Proposition 8. Supporters of gay marriage have attacked several groups — including African Americans who traditionally vote Democratic — because they supported traditional marriage. But while California provides an interesting demonstration of Democratic divisions over gay marriage, it is not the only one. We should | Read More »

    The Gay Reich Movement Strikes Again

    You know, there is nothing wrong with a protest. There is nothing wrong with a boycott. But hounding people out of work, harassing people who refuse to go along with the boycott, etc. crosses a line that should not be crossed. In the latest escapade of the gay reich movement, the Los Angeles Times chronicles the fall of El Coyote. The Times notes Margie Christoffersen | Read More »

    Jon Meacham’s Profound Cowardice and Jackassery

    I should leave the Newsweek hit job as I left it, but I think more needs to be said about Jon Meacham’s column. Meacham is the Editor of Newsweek and his column shows a profound disrespect for people of faith and a great amount of cowardice. Let’s deal with it. Meacham writes No matter what one thinks about gay rights—for, against or somewhere in between | Read More »

    Newsweek Joins the Gay Reich Movement. Declares War on the Bible

    Geez, now I’m embarrassed to have ever been profiled in the magazine. If you thought they were maintaining a notion of fair, independent journalism when they turned into an opinion rag advocating global warming, get a load of their new issue. It tries to use the Bible as justification for gay marriage. And in doing so, Newsweek’s editor opens with this wonderfully humorous editorial note: | Read More »

    I’ve Got Rights!

        “I’ve got rights” is now one of the most commonly heard phrases in America. Don’t like your co-workers perfume? Under a new lawsuit, you may soon have the right not to smell it. Want to quit bathing? Soon, your employer may have to accept your grooming habits as long as you claim that BO and shaggy hair are part of your religion. After | Read More »

    Gay Rights Proponents Act Like the Third Reich

    Yes, I know about Goodwin’s law, but comparing gay rights activists to the Nazis is fitting. They’ve gone from being persecuted to persecuting. Of course, they’ll say it is all in the fight for their civil rights — much like the Nazis needed to go after people to make things right. See here. Wireless providers and Capitol Hill Democrats are calling for CTIA President Steve | Read More »

    Pro-Prop 8 petition

    I’m sure all of you know about the hoopla over Prop 8 in California. As a Californian, I dutifully supported it. Now that Prop 8 has passed, though, its opponents still won’t rest. They’re protesting all over the country, and their lawyers have taken it to the courts, trying to find some activist judge who’ll go along with their agenda. Without a doubt, the California | Read More »

    The California Supreme Court visits the Pottery Barn (revised)

    Some of those who have been following the Propostion 8 drama may be puzzled as to why the California Supreme Court is reviewing the legitimacy of a Constitutional amendment or what grounds that may have to do so. First, by taking this case now, the California Supreme Court avoids months or years of uncertainty as cases wend their way through the lower courts, since whatever | Read More »

    The California Culture War, Part III.

    OK, so several years ago California voters approved a proposition that effectively banned gay marriage. Gay rights groups (shouldn’t that be “gay lefts groups”?) promptly file suit with CA Supremes to block enforcement and got the initiative overturned. Gavin Newsome, mayor of SF, promptly started marrying homosexual couples. So, this past election cycle the voters of CA approved an amendment to the CA Constitution defining | Read More »

    How Dare Arnold Schwarzenegger!

    California conservatives were desperate for a Republican governor after the disasterous Gray Davis administration. We were ready for sane people to come into office. So when actor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his decision to run for Governor, most conservatives got behind him (while a few chose to support Tom McClintock.) Schwarzenegger assured us that he would not interfere with the will of the people of California | Read More »

    Some thoughts on Prop 8 and Gay Marriage

    Since the election the Prop 8 passage has been a major item on news broadcasts and the internet. We have seen protests at Mormon and Catholic houses of worship (but not in predominately black and hispanic neighborhoods, which Larry Elder attributes to the lack of a possibility of confrontation at the LDS and RC churches) and we have heard a variety of talking heads and | Read More »

    Thuggish Reactions to the Passage of Prop. 8

    Podcast Show Notes Racial slurs fired against African Americans by homosexual Proposition 8 opponents and seeking retribution against supporters of Proposition 8. Church burnings threatened, elderly attacked. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.) Something rotten in the state of Minnesota with the recount. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) State employee on administrative leave due to snooping into the records of Joe the Plumber. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.) Obama’s | Read More »

    Hollywood joins the furor over gay marriage ban

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081107/apenmo/gaymarriagecelebrities Yes, as is often the case, I think I will change my mind now that these Hollywood supertars disagree with me. Removing myself from the very emotional debate about gay marriage as I know it is a very personal issue, I’m facinated to see how many people fail to recognize that this was not a decision by the state of CA but by the | Read More »

    A Gay Conservative’s Take on Prop 8

    I am a gay conservative lawyer, who studied constitutional law during law school (though I now work in the tax field), so the issue of gay marriage and what has happened in California has meaning to me on many levels even though I make every effort to avoid ever stepping foot in California. In short – I’m thrilled that the people of California have put | Read More »

    Where was the Christian Right this election cycle?

    Of the three states voting on state amendments to their constitution outlining marriage between one man and one woman, one is expected to pass, one is a toss up, and one is expected to fail. Can you guess which ones? CA-fail. Despite each side having spent litearlly tens of thousands of dollars fighting for their cause, the American Family Association came in 1st at $550,000, | Read More »