Obama to Israel: apologize to Turkey…

    …or risk ‘strained ties with Washington.’* (Via AoSHQ Headlines) Israel to Obama: No. Executive summary: last year, Israeli blockade enforcers stopped the so-called Gaza ‘peace flotilla’ (which is what ordinary, decent people call ‘a pro-terrorist blockade running fleet’).  In the process of said stopping, the peaceful members of the peace flotilla did their level best to peacefully murder the blockade enforcers; to give you some | Read More »

    Rick Perry – Two Foreign Policy Indicators

    A common question about Governor Rick Perry of Texas is whether or not he is a traditional three-pronged conservative – social, fiscal, and strong on defense.  While much has been said about his social and fiscal credentials, little has been written about his potential foreign policy.  Two recent events give us some insight into what that policy might look like. First, on June 28, 20011, | Read More »