Cuts? What Budget Cuts? He Never Promised Cuts!

    The following is a transcript from the 3rd Presidential Debate (10-15-08) between McCain and Obama on the topic of budgets. It is especially relevant now. SCHIEFFER: All right. Let’s go to another topic. It’s related. So if you have other things you want to say, you can get back to that. This question goes to you first, Senator Obama. We found out yesterday that this | Read More »

    (Cartoon) – It’s so easy even Tim Geithner can do it.

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    Really, Mr. Secretary? Which is it?

    Beginning with his tax difficulties, and continuing through the puzzling narrative of when and what he knew about the AIG bonuses, Treasury Secretary Geithner has done little to inspire the confidence of the American people. Oddly, Secretary Geithner continued his bizarre and puzzling conduct this week, making flatly contradictory statements about the dollar in a span of only 24 hours. This weakens confidence not only | Read More »

    The Unready (to Face Evil) One

    Podcast Show Notes The unready one: not able to face down evil.  (Hat Tip: Right Wing News.) Another Teleprompter malfunction. Geithner seeks unprecedented powers. Liberal blogger: Cantor’s right about Geithner plan. What Primary Challenges wrought: Arlen Specter flips on card check. Health care facts. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth.) Banning plasma TV in California. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) Should non-profit newspapers become officially non-profit? New | Read More »

    (Cartoon) – The Economy is STILL job one!

    As Transparent as a Cinder Block

    President Obama spent his two years on the campaign trail (and the last two months, still on the campaign trail) talking about many ideas to bring “Change” around. One of his biggest pet ideas is to bring about transparency throughout the government. You can read about just one instance as such here. Throughout all of this talk of transparency, one place where I am extremely puzzled | Read More »

    Un-Grand Government Inquisitors would double AIG money back

    Soon after we learned of the AIG bonuses last weekend, we were told that taxpayer money must not be used to fund them. Late Tuesday that prospect was remedied: In an effort to quell a mounting furor, the Treasury Department said late Tuesday that it would require AIG to repay the government more than $165 million in bonuses doled out last week to the executives | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — March 18, 2009 Obama remains confident in Geithner —- AIG chief calls bonuses ‘distasteful,’ necessary — EXCLUSIVE: Commerce pick tied to China cash — Democrats to tap tax code to curb AIG — Gas tax hike looks good to GM chief — Obama medical plan for vets spurs outcry — Tough economy sets teeth grinding Dentists report spike in cases — | Read More »

    Cabinet Meeting Raided By Federal Marshalls

    The nation’s capital was rocked yesterday when a special meeting of the President’s Cabinet was interrupted by Federal Marshalls accompanied by agents of the US Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service. Led out of the meeting in handcuffs were more than a dozen cabinet officials, including the US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. A source within the Marshall service, who spoke only on the condition of | Read More »

    Tim Geithner Makes a Pair of Scary Statements

    US Treasury secretary attacks oil, gas tax breaks In my business, and I’ll wager in your business too, you read contracts. Carefully. Because the contract defines the relationship between the two parties, and signifies a meeting of the minds. If you screw up, and the contract doesn’t mean what you thought it meant, well, shame on you. Back in the ’90s, oil and gas prices | Read More »

    Inflation: the ultimate bailout

    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The Fed is just getting warmed up in its battle to reignite inflation. It has already doubled the monetary base: … and it will soon begin printing money to buy long-dated Treasury bonds, pushing down interest rates. It’s hard to wrap your head around the concept, but Congress can spend as much money as | Read More »

    Henry Paulson Wouldn’t Have Done This

    Treasury Secretary-designate Tim Geithner was reported to have mentioned yesterday that he believes the Chinese are “manipulating” their currency, presumably downward against the dollar in an attempt to goose their exports. This issue is going to get a lot of play in the next few months, because China’s mercantilist policy depends on an artificially undervalued currency. Since this causes tremendous imbalances in global capital flows, | Read More »

    “Is Your Checkbook Balanced, and Is It Black or Red?”

    A universal question posed for every candidate of a treasurer position for any form of student government at Missouri S&T. A question that Steve Geithner, a candidate for the ultimate treasury job at a time of economic crisis could not answer honestly until he paid his back taxes. And yet people still want to give him the job. Schumer (D-NY) said the mistakes were not | Read More »

    The Year the Earth Stood Still for the GOP

    By Julian Krasta   On New Year’s Eve of 2007, as the clock struck midnight, the chant amongst friends at a small gathering was: “2008 – and everything’s going to be great!”   I sipped my bubbly but chose not to join the chorus, keeping this adage in mind: “Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed.”   2008 zapped by and, guess what: nothing is | Read More »

    Make the U.S.A. home to tax-haven seeking corporations!

    By enacting the FairTax (H.R. 25), instead of allowing ignorant Democrat Senate leaders work to punsish tax-haven seeking corporations, let’s invite the world’s corporations to set up shop here and bring their billion$ with them. Not to mention jobs, jobs, jobs. Report: Over 8 in 10 Corporations Have Tax-havens Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., who requested the report, have pushed for tougher | Read More »