“The Factor…No Spin”

    Bill O’Reilly the self appointed watchdog of contributions made by the public to pleas of help for whatever group is being touted at the moment. Last night took on the cause of the Haitians. I agree the money that has been flim- flamed out of the public with pleas to help the children {which they always use} should go to the cause it was intended. | Read More »

    Geraldo Rivera: Is He Passive/Aggressive or Just a Fraud ?

    Geraldo Rivera (nee Gerald Riviera from Babylon Long Island) likes to portray himself as being the ultimate Zionist, simply based on the fact that his mother was Jewish and he had a Bar-Mitzvah when he was 13. The Fox news in-house progressive exhibits little affection for the Jewish State, but loves to announce that he is a long-time Zionist immediately before he throws Israel under the bus. Gerry from Babylon is textbook passive/aggressive.

    The last week of March, Gerry exhibited his typical passive/aggressive behavior during an appearance on Fox and Friends. He began by saying how well he knew Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu, then threw the truth out the window so he could trash Bibi and Israel (transcript from CAMERA):

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    Geraldo, NBC has some openings….

    **Geraldo, You’re just chomping at the bit to jump on the Obama bandwagon, so go, will ya? NBC has a 24-7 campaign to ridicule McCain and Palin. And there ARE similarities to Obama’s politics to Socialism and Marxism. Why not put in an app. with NBC? Buh bye.


    Anyone Else Sick of Geraldo Rivera?

    I am listening to Geraldo Rivera on Fox News. Is this guy a socialist, or what? He is defending Obama regarding the “spread the wealth” comment. He calls it a “slip of the tongue”. Hey, Geraldo, Obama, for once, told the truth. He was off the teleprompter, off the script, and spoke his mind for once. Obama does not need Geraldo to defend him. And | Read More »