New York 23 is a fascinating interplay in terms of political science. Following the Obama election and the takeover of Congress, the bean counters at Republican headquarters developed a Progressive strategy of demographic chess instead of actual use of political persuasion. This tried and true liberal philosophy is based on the coalition principle inherent in collectivist theory. It relies on tendencies and labels to win | Read More »

    Wake Up, Mr. Gerson

    So, in today’s Washington Post, Michael Gerson helpfully points out that President Obama “[a]gainst all my expectations” has eschewed the hope and change and “post-partisanship” of his campaign in favor of a liberal agenda and divisive old style politics. Well, pass the smelling salts, because who ever saw that coming?! I guess not Mr. Gerson. Just what, pray tell, did he actually expect? Seriously, I | Read More »