Get off the couch: Only YOU can save America!

    This week I heard from a voter who was so “disgusted” with Obama abusing power and Republicans and Democrats standing by (doing nothing) that it lead him to believe that he should leave the Republican Party and wait for the Tea Party to become a registered party. I found the person’s comments outrageous, not so much because I am Republican dedicated to my party, but | Read More »

    Another way to fight

    I have seen many people around here looking for ways to get involved. I have found an organization that wants to sign-up 1,000,000 members by “The One’s” inauguration. Check out Here is what they are standing against: Socialistic wealth redistribution *including any and all tax increases and big-government welfare programs. *Silencing conservatives through the Fairness Doctrine *and other efforts that restrict free speech. *Open | Read More »

    What now?

    What can an ordinary person do to help try to steer this country back in the right direction? I’m pretty shy and don’t have a lot of spare cash to support conservative causes. Seriously, I’m looking for suggestions.

    Help this campaign

    Although I vote every year I have never been involved in a campaign. I just figured I just needed to vote and that was it. I have been watching with concern over the two campaigns and we don’t have the luxury to sit back and only vote. Obama is a community organizer, he knows what he is doing in his campaign. His campaign is car | Read More »