Gingrich is only stating the obvious … but obviously the GOP is deaf

    I ran across the following essay by New Gingrich in the February 11, 2009 issue of The Washington Times. It offers a very succinct yet practical — and in my opinion, except for a lack of mention of the social issues, a very correct view — of Where Does the Conservative Movement Go from here? His advise basically is summed up in three steps he | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 11, 2009 Obama bank plan skids on Wall Street No specifics drops Dow 382 points — Obama stakes presidency on stimulus — EXCLUSIVE: Gear for Iraq may extend U.S. stay Signals ties for long term — Obama blocks offshore drilling Cheaper gas gives president wiggle room — ‘Kite Runner’ star threatened Young Afghan actor, family in hiding from harassment — U.S. | Read More »

    Time for new leadership at the RNC

    As someone who does not think Newt Gingrich has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning a Presidential election but is a great leader who has a history of reform in the right direction, I believe that now is the time for Gingrich to take the reigns of the RNC. He has the ability to raise money, the talent to run a major organization, and | Read More »

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    Today’s Headlines — Nov. 11, 2008 Obama, Bush a lot alike EXCLUSIVE: Gingrich, Steele duel privately for RNC job EXCLUSIVE: Agenda disappears from Obama Web site Chances dim for lame duck session Catholic voting tied to economy Emerging countries struggle in crisis Georgia runoff called 2010 preview PRUDEN: Fairer to One than the other SPECIAL SECTION: Veterans Day Maria Stainer Assistant Managing | Read More »

    BHAG’s for the 2012 GOP Contenders

    “BHAG’s”…or, “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals” each of the early 2012 GOP Presidential prospects must do to significantly advance their cause: 1) Mike Huckabee: Win over the Club for Growth. 2) Sarah Palin: Somehow, through self-appointment or the 2010 election, become one of Alaska’s senators providing her with more exposure and involvement in national and international political issues. 3) Mitt Romney: Donate 80% of his fortune | Read More »

    Gingrich to the RNC

    Robert Novak suggested today that Newt should run for President in 12. I’m not buying this, for the reasons I state in my comment. At this point, Gingrich has too many self-inflicted wounds, too much dirt, and has real past personal issues that will not play well with much of the base. He’s a loyal soldier, a great leader, and we need him to be | Read More »

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    There are no illegals

    The recent killing of three members of the Bologna family in San Francisco, allegedly by an illegal Salvadoran immigrant who had been shielded from deportation on at least one occasion has now become the tarnished example of what happens when cities choose not to enforce the law: Law abiding citizens pay the price. Here’s some background, and some thoughts. “As Newt notes in the | Read More »

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