Giuliani endorses Rossi, calls Dems failure to extend tax cuts “absurd”

    This morning, while incumbent Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) was still having an extended case of the Mondays trying to spin her support for a “jobs bill” that could wind up harming major Northwest employer Microsoft, Republican challenger in the race for Washington’s U.S. Senate seat was getting a little help from former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. After meeting with Rossi supporters in the campaign’s | Read More »

    Will Rudy Run (Again)?

    2008 is full of teachable moments.  One of the under studied lessons of that year is Rudolph Giuliani’s campaign.  The problem was that it was also the lesson of 2007 and most of 2006.  Rudy suffered extreme overexposure and his campaign rapidly burnt out when the field naturally broadened during the primary process.  It’s a lesson he seems to have taken to heart.  Giuliani has | Read More »

    What a Year for Republican Candidates…

    …especially in the Senate races. I don’t have a whole ton of time to get this down, so this is going to be a bit quick and dirty.  Here’s my main thought:  How unbelievably politically bad for President Obama would this headline be, E-Day Plus One: Mark Kirk Wins Obama’s Senate Seat in Shocker Well, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as if Kirk picked | Read More »

    Win In 2010? GOP Must Recognize Palin Is An Inspirational Icon [Closed and Annotated]

    [4palin: This is a site administrator speaking.  If you persist in posting diaries which do not contain extensive amounts of original research, reporting, or commentary, you will be banned from the site.  We are tired of deleting these one-line or one-paragraph wastes of everyone's time.  Save that stuff for Open Threads. – Neil Stevens] Christopher G. Adamo, of GOPUSA, wrote a great peice Why Sarah | Read More »

    (Video) The Perfect Ticket: Palin – Giuliani For 2012?

    a href=””>The perfect fiscal conservative ticket? It may be the only GOP ticket that could with NY, FL and NY. Rudy Giuliani says Governor Palin is an exciting political figure and her abilities as very good Governor demonstrate she has the experience to be president. Øbama, on the other hand, has preformed much, much worse then ever expect. Rudy also discusses Øbama “Birth Certificate” but | Read More »

    My first vote, vindicated.

    Promoted from the diaries by James Richardson The first presidential candidate I ever voted for was John McCain, and I’m willing to admit that, at the time, I definitely had some doubts about whether it was the right decision. This is partially because, having been born in New York and having witnessed the tail-end of his gentrification efforts, I was a Giuliani fan until he | Read More »

    Deroy Mudock lectures us on Reagan conservatism

    RO’s Deroy Murdock is out with a column in which he blasts President Bush, Karl Rove and congressional GOP leaders for the sorry state the Republican Party finds itself in today.

    In Which I Appreciate Giuliani

    I know we’re all wrapped up in the incredible story of Gov. Sarah Palin, and the incredible meta-story of the self-destruction of the legacy media. But I wanted to take a moment to note just how effective Rudy Giuliani has been as a surrogate for the McCain/Palin ticket. He is absolutely our most effective attack dog. Every campaign needs one, and I now believe that | Read More »