GIVE/SERVE Act passes Senate…required-service creepiness now part of H.R. 1444

    While everyone was watching GM get swallowed up by the state, actions were being taken to move our kids a step closer to being swallowed up as well.   The GIVE Act passed the house, went to the Senate and was renamed the SERVE Act.  It’s on it’s way back to House to be accepted “as is” before heading to Obama.  I found couple summaries from | Read More »

    Regarding prohibited activities under HR 1388 (The GIVE Act)

    While I understand the concerns of both Gateway Pundit and Dan Collins of Protein Wisdom Pub about restrictions made on individuals affected by HR 1388 – I don’t particularly trust the government, either – this particular situation is both more and less worrisome than you might think. Which is an impressive trick, really.

    A Plan

    Dear John, Take this for what it is worth but…. If Washington can afford $700 Billion investment in to mortgage securities, then we should be able to afford the same level of investment into America. I am not talking about a $600 check in my mail box that doesn’t even come close to paying my rent. I am talking about energy. I am not saying | Read More »

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