You Can’t Ride a ‘Bicycle’ in Soccer

    On 11/15/12, it happened in Stockholm, but few Americans were watching it on TV. One did not actually know what was going on, until the “Play of the Day” popped up on Good Morning America (GMA). The acting anchor (Josh Elliot) usually has interesting topics when “Play of the Day” appears, but this time it showed a Swedish soccer player’s stunning goal in a match against | Read More »


    What is America’s *Goal* in Libya?

    Update by Jeff 3/20/11 22:15: According to Jake Tapper, it now appears that SecDef Gates is warning against setting any goals for this action whatsoever. How’s that for clarity and sound military strategy? Update by Jeff 3/20/11 18:10: The muddling continues, as it’s being reported that SecDef Gates, who initially opposed any action in Libya, is now opposing any action that would specifically target Qaddafi. | Read More »