View From the North

    I am a Canadian – educated in the US – and often watch the US elections scared to death of a President Gore, Kerry or now Obama. You guys continue to make the right choice although the elections are much closer than they should be. It looks like you might elect McCain, thank goodness, President Obama would move the US to the left of Canada, | Read More »

    In Case You Live Under A Rock

    In case you missed it, here is the rundown of ABC’s hack job of an interview with Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) by their chief pontificator, Professor Demeritus Charlie Gibson (D-LOL), and the subsequent drive-by media belligerence. This article specifically addresses her statements about praying that the Iraq war is a mission from God. ABC News… Woeful. Stay fervent in prayer, God is not unresponsive | Read More »

    Newly Set

    I would just like everyone who reads this to know how I came to this conclusion. I have typically always been one to weigh both candidates and then vote my conscience. This year all of that changed. No Longer will I just stand by and watch this country get dragged through the mud by the liberal party. The days of the minority left wing, anti-God, | Read More »

    Does The World Come to an End on Sept 10th, 2008?

    When I was a little boy, I was told in church that the end of the world was near. I was told this by my Southern Baptist Preacher because he had it high authority that it will happen. He said, it was foretold in the Bible and there will come true. He quoted the various passages of revelations, about the end of the world and | Read More »

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    Church of the Almighty Stogie

    Few things warm my heart more than a story about political incorrectness and cigars. Love these guys. Dutch smokers are flocking to a religious movement known as “The Only and Universal Smokers Church of God” following a ban on tobacco smoking indoors.Michiel Eijsbouts, founder and “Smokelighter” of the church he founded in 2001, has insisted that the Dutch smoking ban in place does not apply | Read More »

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