No Wonder Whoopi Goldberg Was Confused

    When Comedian Whoopi Goldberg went on The View to defend Roman Polanski, I figured she had to be kidding. Her contention that feeding a thirteen year-old girl Quaaludes and champagne and then forcibly sodomizing her “wasn’t rape-rape” had to be one most asinine comments ever made by a literate adult, in front of a live television audience. Of course this all assumes that the word | Read More »

    More Liberal Insanity Brought into the Light

    “Those whom God wishes to destroy, He first drives mad.”  –Euripides What is the mental state of the common American Liberal?  They wish to be seen as compassionate and altruistic.  Greedy and conspiratorial is more like it.  And that glint in their eyes–pure madness. As if you needed it, further proof of Liberal instability, here are some of their greatest hits. Over at the Daily | Read More »

    Maybe Whoopie and Barbara should watch this video

    Barbara Walters & Whoopie Goldberg gang up on Hasslebeck Like these two should talk trash: During the 1960s Goldberg dropped out of high school and became addicted to drugs. Finally she sought help, cleaned herself up, and, in the process, married her drug counselor. A year later Goldberg gave birth to a daughter, Alexandrea. Less than a year after that, she was divorced. During this | Read More »