The Restful President

    I sure wish the RNC would run spots like this: I think he should be clear about it, too. This is your open thread for the day… UPDATE: Lookee here – now it seems that our Restful President is going to add basketball to his “We will not rest” arsenal.  I’m thinking maybe this game won’t occur in Cleveland…


    President Obama is in Toronto for the G8 summit. With unemployment in America just shy of 10%, an environmental disaster in the Gulf, record budget deficits that the Fed Chairman has repeatedly called “unsustainable”, one would hope our president’s mind would be focused like a laser beam on issues that affect Americans. Nope. When U.S. President Barack Obama stepped off his helicopter in Huntsville on | Read More »

    Three Hearts, the U.S. Open and Things More Important Than Washington

    For me, this weekend is always one of my favorites. The confluence of the U.S. Open and Father’s Day is hard to beat for a golfer – and this year, the Open is at the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links, which just makes it even that much more special. When in doubt, ignore Washington – it’s good for your health. I did today, choosing to | Read More »


    Masterful Men and Why We Revere Them

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I made a significant mistake in the original post, suggesting that Byron Nelson had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, instead of what he actually had been awarded, the Congressional Gold Medal. These are very distinct awards – given for very distinct reasons. It was a mistake in drafting – I knew it was the Congressional Gold Medal (and worked in the | Read More »

    Tiger Woods’ wife should have used a driver instead of a three-iron

    At least that’s what Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik said.  Woods’ wife Elin used to be Parnevik’s Au Pair, and now Parnevik is feeling an uncomfortable prick of conscience for introducing the two of them in 2001:  “I really feel sorry for Elin – since me and my wife were at fault for hooking her up with him,” Parnevik said. “We probably thought he was a | Read More »

    Obama’s “ugly 20′s” handicap is the biggest lie yet.

    On a lighter note… There is no way on this Earth that Obama is playing to a “mid-20′s” handicap.What that means, basically, is that he is consistently hitting three strokes under 100 over a par-72 18 holes, a feat that isn’t accomplished often even for “serious recreational golfers”. As an example, I’ve broken 100 only three times in probably somewhere north of 60 rounds of Golf, and | Read More »

    Golf Balls and Soldiers

    While searching for the cost of a new driver for my husband this morning, I came across an October 26, 2009 Politico piece that stated that Obama has played 24 rounds of golf since taking up residency in the White House. That is a lot of golf. On November 6th, Obama visited Walter Reed Hospital and the AP reported: The president met with 19 soldiers | Read More »

    Keeping his eye on the ball in Afghanistan.

    -TobyToons   It’s hard to see in the signature line, but there is a special thanks to commenter mrkwong for the initial idea on this cartoon (here – comment #62).

    Obama plays golf instead of deciding whether to send more troops to Afghanistan

    Obama spent the day golfing instead of making his long awaited decision about sending more troops to Afghanistan. For weeks, President Obama has been indecisively dithering about whether to send more troops to Afghanistan to fight what he correctly calls a “war of necessity.” General Stanley A. McChrystal’s report, in which he requests more troops, was issued at the end of August. The Commander in Chief, | Read More »

    Nashville Skyline; or, how Leon tried to starve me.

    Outside Nashville, Tennessee, September 19, 2009. Leon Wolf is trying to starve me. I’ve been living for 16 hours on a diet of Bushmills, Guinness Stout, and sunflower seeds. But at least I’m on the golf course. The rain is coming down now, but it will clear soon. My companions are Leon and his son, who are just learning the game, and who, in their | Read More »

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