Bill Burton petulant about CIA photo goof.

    You know, I don’t really expect anyone from this administration to be gracious, or even polite, to either Republicans or conservatives. It’s nice when it happens, but by and large the the executive branch doesn’t like us, they downright hate having to pretend that they do, and they get petulant about the whole thing. So if it had been Brother Caleb or Michael Goldfarb asking | Read More »

    Biden (D-Plagiarism) confuses brigades with BATTALIONS..

    Hmm, guess all that foreign policy gravitas and learning of four decades in Washington never really paid off for the guy. Then again, with his FIVE military deferments it is not shocking that Biden has NO CLUE as to anything to do with the military. “And for the third time since his acceptance speech a week ago, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee | Read More »

    Obama falsely claims to sit on the Senate Banking Committee

    Barack Obama does not sit on the Senate Banking Committee. Not now, not existentially, not in a past life with the Buddha. Something good from McClatchy: Out of bounds! Obama falsely claims to be Banking Committee member. (The “out of bounds” remark refers to the way in which the piece is written, like a football penalty call. I edited that away.) (The quote follows. …)