Commemorating June 6

    While Skanderbeg offers an appropriate tribute to the heroes of D Day, not everyone is commemorating the day the same way. If you click over to Google for example, you’ll find an unusual and unexpected tribute: I can conceive of Google choosing not to pay tribute to the heroes who saved freedom, and who bravely gave their lives. But it’s stunning that they could decide | Read More »

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    On D-Day Anniversary, Google Memorializes… Tetris?

    It was June 6, 1944 that the crucial Normandy Landings occurred that formed the spearhead of the Allied invasion of Nazi held Europe. D-Day ultimately led to the victory of the Allies over the despotic Nazi regime. Now here we are on June 6, 2009 and, in its inimitable way, Google has decided to memorialize the important occasion by adding an image on its homepage | Read More »


    ATR/CEI update on Internet access

    The FCC is currently in the process of developing a National Broadband strategy. Being that this is under the Obama administration, this strategy is unlikely to be a sensible one. Early word suggests that the administration plans to take the Internet in this country and consolidate it into a single, centralized, government-run entity. ‘Competition’ will be allowed, but only under strict government controls and over | Read More »

    Herbie Hancock hates free speech!

    Grammy award winning jazz pianist Herbie Hancock says that large radio syndicates don’t take a “humanitarian approach” to business, which opens private companies like Clear Channel to government investigation. I see a real problem here–the idea that the government should regulate businesses based on their values is being thrown around with no regard for whether or not it is right (not to mention Constitutional). Pathetic.

    Never Gonna Give You(tube) Up

    I admit it. I go to YouTube a lot. A LOT. I can’t help it! There are some pretty funny videos at YouTube, along with the weird, the bizarre, the just plain disturbing, and the seriously creepy. I have a YouTube channel of my very own, in fact. Some of my videos are pretty funny too, as well as disturbing. But the relationship between YouTube | Read More »

    Google greases the skids for the GDrive

    Google is readying for what is possibly their most bandwidth-intensive Internet service yet: The Google Drive is reported to be a planned service to let people store all their data on Google’s servers, but access it all like a disk drive from their own home computers. Services like Youtube and Picasa already transfer large amounts of data, but the GDrive conceivably would mean the continuous, | Read More »

    Google’s non-evil pose: Hand out, palm facing up

    Google may be a name that evokes thoughts of flashy, new Internet technologies, or of a friendly relationship with the greater Internet community, but us critics have seen what they were up to all along. Just like any other industry titan, it takes what it can get, with government help when it must. What’s news, though, is that even the LA Times is taking notice: | Read More »

    Global Google

    Shame on you. Every time you use Google, you are helping to destroy our planet. So says Alex Wissner-Gross, a no-good physicist from Harvard who is one of those annoying people who wants to take the fun out of everything. He has researched the carbon footprint of operating the Internet and now threatens to publish his results. According to the Sunday Times, Performing two Google | Read More »

    Google Eyed Magritte: Google’s Holiday Logos and the Culture War

    Google’s oddball choices of “holiday” logos have reached a new height of surreality. Though they famously almost never memorialize Easter or Columbus Day (the last Easter was in 2000, the last Columbus Day never), they did celebrate the birthdays of Marc Chagall, Diego Velazquez, Walter Gropius, Alexander Graham Bell, and the LEGO brick this year. And every year they celebrate the Persian New Year, Earth | Read More »

    Obama and the Internet

    The following is a partial list of Obama’s strategic advantages. By all reports, he began to put this together 2 years ahead of time, and Democratic operatives were perfecting the operations two years before that. All of this explains why Republicans almost lost in 2004 and again in 2006. 13 million e-mail addresses. $500 million raised online. 6.5 million donations from 3 million donors with | Read More »

    One more example of why Google is in the tank for Obama

    I did a Google news search for the term “National Enquirer” and this gem came up at the top of the search. Now, I’ll bet money if you contact Google they will tell you that their search is pristine and can’t be manipulated. I remember when I did a Google search on Bush lied. That is when I knew Google was a whore for the | Read More »

    Google: The Obama of the Internet

    Regarding Streiff’s post on Google, we have a disturbing report about Google coming out of the National and Legal Policy Center. NLPC reports that Google’s own “evangelist” Vint Cerf (aren’t we all serfs to Google) said, “Nothing you do ever goes away, and nothing you do ever escapes notice…There isn’t any privacy, get over it.” Check out this PDF regarding Google’s invasion of privacy. Keep | Read More »


    Thank You Google for Protecting Us

    UPDATE: And were’t not alone. Glenn Reynold’s wife has had her Blogspot blog locked. Some of you probably know that I live in Maryland. I’m the proprietor of the group blog RedMaryland which fights a daily rearguard action against the forces of corruption and socialism in the UnFree State. Imagine my surprise to get a notification from Google that I’m running a spam blog and | Read More »

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