Vindication, Google, and Islam

    Remember when I accused Google of censoring search hints? Some of the reactions were just hysterical. So many technically inclined people on the right have a reflexive desire to defend Google and make the kindest assumptions about the company. The company itself claimed that it was all coincidence. Further research showed that Google was also censoring criticism of Islam, a claim that was met with | Read More »

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    America, Google And China, Oh My ! The State Department is taking cyber attacks on Google and other US firms very seriously and is seeking an explanation from Beijing but it is not the “foreign policy arm of Google,” a US official said. Alec Ross, the senior adviser for innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also said that a speech Clinton is due to give on Thursday on internet freedom | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Google’s Censorship Team

    Let me be blunt. Google censors political speech. The world has known for some time that Google’s algorithm can be programmed to censor websites and keywords. Back in 2005, CNET claimed all its reporters were blacklisted for a year for posting information about your CEO Eric Schmidt — information that was publicly available through Google’s own search engine. On a grander scale, Google also proved | Read More »

    Google Censorship to Protect Obama, Again?

    I run a conservative blog (Jefferson’s Rebels), and publish something almost daily.  Sometimes after upload, I will Google some of the articles or graphics to test the search engine.  For all those I have tested, which does not represent every upload, every article and every graphic image has appeared in the search engine–with two glaring exceptions regarding Obama. A few weeks ago, I went to | Read More »

    Comment today to help kill Net Neutrality

    The proposed Net Neutrality plan before the FCC is in trouble. Until now I’ve called it the Obama-Google Net Neutrality plan, but that’s not entirely the case anymore: the administration is wimping out and cutting its losses on this diastrous idea. According to, the only people left fighting for Net Neutrality are far left special interest groups. At least, the ones that don’t represent | Read More »

    Attack of the Freeloaders

    Every time I mention at Red State that freeloaders are the driving force behind the Obama-Google Net Neutrality plan, the freeloaders flip out. Those leeches contribute nothing but demand everything from others: Free downloads of music, free downloads of movies, and free downloads of games are what they already take from the Internet and of course the idea of Net Neutrality is to create a | Read More »

    Google Hates BigGovernment

    Earlier today while checking up on teh twitter, I saw this tweet from Caleb Howe at 10:49 am Eastern: Naturally I clicked the link to see just what Caleb was sharing. Upon doing so, in my Chrome browser, I was met with this: [Click image for larger view] Why would Google be marking as a page that has malware on it?

    Google is upping the ante……. Google Earth on steroids.

    I hear some great music, but with slightly different lyrics………… Come spy with me, let’s spy, lets spy away. —————- Google wants to help watch over world’s forests. Google on Thursday unveiled a tool that lets scientists and defenders of the environment use the Internet to keep an eye on what is left of the Earth’s forests. “We hope this technology will help stop | Read More »

    Will Google be Neutral and Transparent with its new service?

    Up until now, Google has been able to avoid being hoisted by its own Net Neutrality due to the fact that the firm has not been directly involved as an ISP, but rather has been a partner of ISPs such as T-Mobile. We can point out all we want how they have more money and more market power than any ISP, but until they started | Read More »

    Google Fraud

    This may come as a shock, but I don’t use the Google search service. So it took an anonymous tipster to set me off on a brewing bit of fraud going in in the Google search service: They are ham-handedly altering the suggested search terms in order to promote a coverup of “Climategate.” Google’s suggested terms feature has been the source of much humor as | Read More »

    The hypocrisy of Google

    I’ve said before that Google was treading dangerously near to hypocrisy in the contrast between its promoted public policy and its own internal policy, but now the large, wealthy firm has gone well over the line. Google is a widely outspoken proponent of the Obama administration’s Net Neutrality plan. At the core of this plan are two “principles” outlined by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. First | Read More »

    Microsoft, News Corp And Google………. Oh My !

    Sumptin’ am be a-smellin’ here…….. ‘n dat sumptin am be up ‘n screamin’ quite the loudness that there’s mountains of money, a plethora of power and stacking statistics wherever they are found to shape thought. News Corp, Microsoft Hold Talks On Google. Microsoft has held talks with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp over a possible plan for the software giant to pay the media company | Read More »

    PalinMania-Fear and Loathing in Lib Land

    When Palin announced several months ago she was writing a book, I saw this tweet on twitter and saved it in case it might be of value at a later date. DOD experimenting with an audio version of Palin reading her book as a replacement for water boarding. #torture And that’s one of the nicer ones. One either “loves to hate her” or “loves to | Read More »

    Minority groups puncture the Net Neutrality balloon

    The Democrat coalition may be fracturing more visibly along abortion lines in the Obamacare debate, but that’s not the only popcorn-friendly battle going on right now. ‘Minority’ groups are going after Net Neutrality now, and nobody is sparing the ‘race card.’ The leaders of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators, National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women, The National Black Caucus of Local Elected | Read More »

    The Internet is a Frikkin Valuable Thing

    USA Today this week ran a shocking story which revealed just how easy it was to buy one’s way into cherry appointments, reporting that 40% of his top bundlers have been awarded administration posts. Moe Lane highlights all the other perks and benefits being showered on “the money” as well. Today Big Government highlights something worth reiterating. USA Today goes on to report that one | Read More »