How Popular is Gov. Palin?

    The McCain team is sending out poll results from a new American Viewpoint poll of 400 RVs. The campaign did not commission this poll. Job Approval for Gov. Palin: 86%Among Independents: 86%Among Democrats: 75% Overall:McCain/Palin 57%Obama/Biden 33% Among Indies:McCain/Palin 50%Obama/Biden 37% Voters who say Energy is Top Issue:McCain/Palin 74%Obama/Biden 18% Who is more qualified, Palin or Obama:Palin 30%Obama 31%Equal 29% Does McCain chose of Palin | Read More »

    On Gov. Palin: The Media is Obsessed with Social Issues

    The MSM could respond to the choice of Gov. Palin in several ways. It could focus on her history of fighting her own party on issues of corruption and her history of fighting large oil companies in a state where large oil companies own a sizable part of the economy. Or they could focus on her cultural background as a pro-lifer who is comfortable with | Read More »

    Running Speech Diary: Little Known Sarah Palin Facts

    Over at, Mike Turk is encouraging everyone on Twitter and elsewhere to engage in some running Sarah Palin facts during tonight’s speech. Feel free to jump on in.

    The RLC Lunch.

    Gotta say, both the National Taxpayer’s Union and the Republican National Coalition for Life are just the slightest bit more, ah, *accessible for these sorts of things. I thought that I’d check out the Republican Leadership Council lunch because, hey, big tent, right? – besides, I’m actually the moderate Republican around here. No, seriously. Pro-same sex marriage, pro-union, remember? They weren’t rude about it, but | Read More »

    The View Inside the Convention

    One thing I enjoy about having the great opportunity to attend events like the RNC Convention is seeing how different things look and feel in person. Here are a couple things I never really internalized watching conventions on TV. First, the TV interviews are often haphazard. It seems someone will walk by a TV booth and someone will grab them and say “hey, Mr. X, | Read More »

    NYT Newsflash: The people Palin beat don’t like her

    Today’s New York Times has a story about Sarah Palin’s critics in Alaska. These are the “facts” that they use in the story: They quote the guy she beat for Mayor of Wasilia. They quote a Democratic city council member who says that Palin did something but doesn’t corroborate. The person who could have corroborated refused to comment. They note a guy who she fired | Read More »

    Sarah Palin, Live From St. Paul

    At 6:29 a.m. CDT, Sarah Palin is on the floor in St. Paul. She’s prepping for her big speech tonight. she looks confident. She does not, at all, look intimidated. We’ll see what happens with the crowd shows up, but right now, it looks like Sarah Palin has her game face on.

    LiLo and the Hockey Mom

    You know things are getting a little out of hand when even Lindsay Lohan notices. So, yeah – it’s out of hand. But be thankful at least that this hilarious overreach has led to what may be the smartest column Joe Trippi has ever written (I know, I didn’t think he had it in him either). It’s a fundamental rejection of the idea, popular in | Read More »

    What We Should Expect from Sarah Palin’s Convention Speech

    Matt Scully is a long time speechwriter for a vast horde of politicians on the right, and he’s a very talented one. I had the good fortune to work alongside him at the White House, and wrote a little about him and his relationship with Mike Gerson here. It’s somewhat amusing to me that Matt has been tasked with writing Sarah Palin’s convention speech, according | Read More »

    Quick thoughts from the RNC Life of the Party speech.

    …but the aftereffects of Gustav interfered; we had Laura Ingraham instead. Very quick reaction (more later, and after the fold): if you are the sort that thinks that McCain is quietly looking for an opportunity to dump Sarah Palin, do yourself a favor and stop deluding yourself – or else do me a favor, and keep telling yourself that. I picked six or so people | Read More »

    Teddy Roosevelt is at the GOP Convention

    Josh Trevino, Redstate co-founder, encounters President Roosevelt. “Colonel Roosevelt at your service, sir!” “Colonel Roosevelt, lovely to meet you.” “And where are you from, young man?” “I’m from Texas, Colonel Roosevelt.” “Texas! Why, I trained my Rough Riders at Fort Sam Houston!” “You certainly did, Colonel!” “And have you had a bully time at this convention?” “Except for the protestors, yes.” “Those anarchists! You know | Read More »

    Do Not Underestimate the Didgeridoo

    As the most people-hating extrovert you will ever meet, I dislike, nay, abhor conventions. They are useless except as meat markets for protesters to show off their oh so pretty bonnets, wealthy fortysomething Republican men to pitch drunken woo in the direction of the hordes of ambitious young pencil-skirted women, and Donna Brazile to inevitably get lost in the bowels of the convention center. But | Read More »

    MSNBC v. Al-Jazeera

    Quick observation from the convention. Who has a better spot in the convention center, MSNBC or Al Jazeera? In the opinion of the crowd I’m with, Al Jazeera. MSNBC is pretty much behind the stage, with Al Jazeera next to them. Best seat? Fox News and CNN. Not that any of us should be surprised by that. I’ll have pictures as soon as I can | Read More »

    FredState at the Convention

    This morning RedState and Google hosted a brunch for new media types with Fred Thompson. He gave a terrific speech. Michelle Oddis will have more later at Human Events, as will other attendees have more here. One of the great points Thompson made was comparing Palin and Obama’s experience. First, he pointed out how humorous it is that the Democrats are comparing their number one | Read More »

    Obama Gets His Convention Bounce

    Over night, four new polls were released showing Obama up 9, 7, 8, and 6 respectively. The Rasmussen Tracker jumped from Obama +3 the last two day to Obama +6. The other three national polls are not trackers. Importantly, all four polls were taken after the DNC and after the Palin announcement. Contrary to the budding optimistic view that Palin stole the DNC bounce away | Read More »