Jon Voight Rallies Families of the Troops in St. Paul

    My friend Michael Bates has a writeup and some footage from a rally outside the Convention for families of our troops, including a video of Jon Voight (of American Carol) praising our military members.

    Minnesota Nice: Welcome to the Twin Cities

    I arrived in Minneapolis on Saturday morning and spent the last two days getting to know the area. A local friend showed me around town and the locals are very friendly and talkative. You know, Minnesota Nice.Just driving around, you can feel the transition from blue collar factory town to new hip tech community. The city is known as a great place for young professionals. | Read More »

    Prepping the Anthem

    This just happened. The whole place went dead silent to listen. At the end — applause.

    Bristol Palin’s Brave Choice

    Well, that’s one way to rebut a rumor. The 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pregnant, Palin said on Monday in an announcement intended to knock down rumors by liberal bloggers that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her child. Bristol Palin, one of Alaska Gov. Palin’s five children with her husband, Todd, is about five months pregnant | Read More »

    RNC – Fired Up Over Governor Palin

    As Erick has noted, Josh Green says the Republican National Convention delegates are not enthusiastic about Governor Palin as McCain’s running mate.That is nothing like the reaction I’ve experienced here at the RNC. Everyone I have spoken with about Palin here is unhesitatingly enthusiastic and fired up about Palin. No negative, all very positive.

    Well, isn’t that a shame: Olbermann pulled from RNC coverage.

    Him doing real work for a change might have made for a refreshing change, but not to be, not to be: Keith Olbermann was pulled from St. Paul to anchor MSNBC’s storm coverage from New York, with his seat beside Chris Matthews filled by David Gregory. Capus said political considerations had nothing to do with that move; Olbermann has been sharply critical of the GOP.(Via | Read More »

    Josh Green Is Soooo Totally Full of It

    Here is Josh Green talking about the Sarah Palin pick:Most Republicans have never met Sarah Palin and are processing the news of her selection as VP with the stunned-but-well-meaning emotions you might feel toward an acquaintance who just came out of the closet. Those given to caution when discussing such things at a brunch with journalists put a hopeful, might-be-a-stroke-of-genius spin on their astonishment. Those | Read More »

    Another Day at the Office for the Democrat Attack Machine

    As Hurricane Gustav is ravaging the coast of the Louisiana and the news media is breathlessly reporting flooding in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, exactly how are politicos responding?John McCain has ordered all negative statements about the Obama campaign stripped from the speeches at the convention.Tom Daschle is out attacking Sarah Palin saying she has “no experienced” and “are we ready . . . | Read More »

    BREAKING: Convention Back On?

    The GOP Convention may very well get back on. Rumors are floating around the XCEL Center that the convention may be geared back up a few notches after Gustav came in weaker than expected.Here, though, is what some of the behind the scenes people are bristling about: The McCain Campaign has ordered all punches against the Obama campaign taken out of speeches for the entire | Read More »

    LIVE! from St. Paul

    I got in to St. Paul, MN earlier today and picked up full access credentials.For the next week, eleven RedState bloggers will be covering the Republican Convention with all access passes to get you all the news, scoops, gossip, and fun in one place.From here on out, we’re going to put the graphic accompanying this post at the top of the page and you’ll be | Read More »

    From the American Carol Premiere

    Veterans for Freedom members were invited to the premiere, so my wife and I headed down to Minneapolis to see it. Let me keep it simple – if you like parody movies and/or love America, you will love this movie.I found myself with tears in my eyes repeatedly. Half of the time it was because I was laughing that hard. The other half it was | Read More »

    My very quick take on “An American Carol.” (UPDATED)

    Good film, but it needed more zombies. (UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has a somewhat more insightful review, as usual. I tend to be forgiving of movies that give me zombies to be shotgunned.)Yeah, we forgot to mention that we were here at the RNC, huh? Me, Erick, Ben, Adam C, absentee nee The Right-Wing Nut Job, Dan Spencer, Soren, Mark I, Jeff’s popping in tomorrow, and | Read More »

    Submit a video. Be shown in all your glory at the GOP Convention.*

    Here’s the deal. The GOP went through the effort of putting up a website where you can submit videos to be shown in Minneapolis making suggestions for the GOP platform.Yes, they will show your video to the GOP if you make it through the screening process (keeping your clothes on helps).So go here and submit your video. Don’t let the Paultards and the pro-abort Republicans | Read More »

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