THE DONALD is Running For President – Laugh Until You’re Fired

    THE DONALD is Running For President - Laugh Until You’re Fired

    So Donald Trump is trolling for president. His announcement, bless his heart was everything amateur comedians on the internet such as RMJ truly wished for. It was epic. The Week got an early jump on the snark. I’ll let them roll with it – it’s what they’re good for. Here are the lines that stood out for their novelty and humor: On the United States: | Read More »

    Rules Apply to All

    Here are the rules of engagement for GOP Primaries as set by the Establishment: 1) If an establishment candidate wins, it is OK to go on TV and trash the candidate or call them unelectable. (Karl Rove did this to Christine O’Donnell in Delaware) 2) If an establishment candidate wins the primary, it is OK for conservatives to run in the general as a 3rd | Read More »

    Colorado Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    In Colorado, there is a Governor’s race primary and contested primaries in the First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Congressional Districts.  For the Senate, the slate had been cleared for Cory Gardner to run against incumbent Democrat Mark Udall.  Without Gardner, whom the Democrats most feared as an opponent because he is an excellent campaigner, this was easy reelection for Udall.  Now, not so much although | Read More »

    Oklahoma Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    There will be several primaries in deeply red Oklahoma this year: a governor’s race, TWO Senate races, and four of Oklahoma’s five congressional districts. In the governor’s race,  popular incumbent governor Mary Fallin seeks a second term.  With approval ratings north of 50%, she will be difficult to beat.  Still, there are some whispers in Oklahoma that Fallin is not the governor she portrays herself | Read More »

    New York Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    The good news out of New York is that there is no Senate race this year.  Instead, the GOP primary action will be at the district level.  New York is, overall, a blue state.  The GOP in New York- at least as concerns statewide races- has been a disaster.  On the more local district level they have also suffered some losses in 2012.  There comes | Read More »

    Maryland (and Utah) GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Utah has avoided any GOP primaries through the convention process thus allowing all candidates to concentrate on the general election in November. In Maryland, an open governor’s race and several congressional district primaries are of some importance.  Let us not mince words here: Maryland has become a somewhat reliably blue state of late.  The chances of a Republican victory here are slim except in two | Read More »

    South Carolina Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    In a very anticipated primary on Tuesday, South Carolina voters will go to the polls to choose Republican candidates for two US Senate seats and two contested congressional seats- one held by a Democrat and one held by an incumbent Republican. The 2nd Congressional district stretches from Columbia to the Georgia border and is represented by GOP incumbent Joe Wilson.  Wilson is notorious for his | Read More »

    Virginia GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Besides the Senate race involving incumbent Democrat Mark Warner, there are three contested GOP primaries involving congressional districts.  Before considering the Senate race, there is a contested primary in the First District between incumbent Rob Wittman and Anthony Riedel who was a campaign activist for Ron Paul in Virginia.  Ordinarily, that may be enough not to support his candidacy, but except in certain areas he, | Read More »

    Nevada and North Dakota GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    North Dakota will hold their rubber stamp “primary” on June 10th.  Since the only race of interest is the at-large House seat and since incumbent Kevin Cramer is the lone candidate for the GOP in this race, there is no need for commentary. Nevada presents a different dynamic altogether.  Besides the gubernatorial race, there are contested GOP primaries in two of the four districts currently | Read More »

    Maine GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    There are two Republican primaries of a possible four in Maine this year on Tuesday June 10th.  They are: the Senate race and the Second District race being vacated by a Democrat.  Although the Governor’s office is up for election, Republican incumbent Paul LePage faces no primary opposition.  His chances for reelection will be covered in a later entry. In the Senate race, Republican incumbent | Read More »

    California Primary “Endorsements”

    Unlike most other states, California uses an “open” primary system where the top two vote getters on primary day advance to the general election regardless of party affiliation.  In some ways, this makes the analysis a little difficult.  It is possible that in certain districts there may be a Democrat vs. Democrat or Republican vs. Republican in the general election.  This article will focus on | Read More »

    Republican Primary Endorsements in Georgia- Part 2

    It is rare when an incumbent Governor finds himself endangered in a primary, but Nathan Deal finds himself in that position.  Amidst a swirl of controversy involving campaign finance allegations left over from 2010, Deal may find himself out of politics this year.  With the Democrats running the grandson of ex-governor and “president”  Jimmy Carter- Jason Carter- name recognition on that side is no problem. | Read More »

    Arkansas Republican Primary Endorsements

    When it comes to Arkansas politics, the state is considered red and that is true as concerns federal offices. All four House members are Republican as is one of their senators. However, when it comes to state politics, the GOP has had difficulty winning the legislature and has had a Democratic governor of late.In the Republican primary, there are three somewhat able and formidable candidates | Read More »

    Oregon Republican Primary Endorsements

    Besides the congressional seats in play this year,  Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley’s seat is up for reelection as well as that of Governor Kitzhaber whose job approval ratings are not that great.  When reading this entry, it is important to keep in mind that this is Oregon, not exactly (at least electorally speaking) a bastion of conservatism. The bulk of the population of the state is centered | Read More »

    Idaho Republican Primary Endorsements

    There are three primaries of interest next Tuesday in Idaho- the one for governor and the two House races. For governor, Tea Party-affiliated candidate and state senator Russ Fulcher will go up against popular current governor Butch Otter. Fulcher’s main objection is Otter’s endorsement of a state health exchange and thus tacit approval of Obamacare. Given Otter’s approval ratings in Idaho, one cannot realistically see | Read More »