Hey, Harry! The supporters of slavery were DEMOCRATS

    Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) says that people who oppose socialized medicine are comparable to those opposed freeing the slaves.  Another outrageous lie from the Democrats! Just as outrageous is that, by ignoring their party’s heritage, the Republican Party has allowed Democrats and their lefty media allies to mislead millions of Americans about the true history of the Grand Old Party. Every Republican, and I mean every Republican, should | Read More »

    What the EPA Ruling Should Mean to the GOP

    About the EPA ruling: If it wasn’t apparent in February, or May, it should now be crystal clear now what the purposes of this administration, and certain elements in the House and Senate are. For one, there is a unified plan…from health care, to cap and trade, to banking regulation, to card check. Neither the Congress nor czars are acting randomly. If key GOP operatives | Read More »


    “Rule by the Best and Brightest”

    Huh? In an otherwise excellent article on perhaps the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives, William McGurn continues to make the same mistake so many on their side and the Brooks/Frum Axis of Stupid on our side has made all along; Obama and his cabinet/czars/advisors are not the "best and the brightest". They are, maybe, relatively more ‘intelligent’ than the average IQ but to a | Read More »

    Winning Issues for 2010 and Beyond: Joe Scarborough

    Joe Scarborough’s political philosophy and his brand of conservatism won in 2009 and will continue to win in 2010 and beyond. Focusing on solutions to the big problems and taking a federalist view on social matters wins. Conservatism means conserving our resources, a cautious foreign policy, and a sustainable budget. These are principles Scarborough discusses everyday on Morning Joe. Conservatives would be wise to listen up.

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    The Worst Kind Of Republican

    I wrote a while back about the direction the GOP needs to take going forward. As a former Democrat and former progressive I laid the foundation based on my experiences long ago and the danger I saw whenever principles and integrity were compromised in the name of party and power. Right now in the GOP we have talking heads, who sit on their self righteous | Read More »

    The GOP’s Women Deficit

    Today I did my end of the week round of the beltway Sunday shows because I like to analyze the comments made by not only the guests on these shows but the shows’ regulars or Sunday panel if you will. On “This Week” with George Stephenoupolus they were talking about Sarah Palin and her upcoming book ‘Going Rogue’. Now, before I proceed, yes I am | Read More »

    Beck vs. Scarborough and the Future of the GOP

    Two paths forward have emerged for Republicans and they are characterized by the politically similar, Glenn Beck and Joe Scarborough. Beck’s style has the ability to win over red states but that alone isn’t enough to win national elections. Scarborough has the voting record to win over red states and his policy focus can appeal to moderate blue and red states as well. This practical application of conservative principles represents the best chance for the revitalization of the movement.

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    A Plea to the GOP

    It’s been almost a week since the cowardly vote by the Marxists (that’s right I said it….) in the House on the single most dangerous and totalitarian bill ever to be voted on in Congressional history. And yet save for comments from a few reliable conservatives on the Sunday morning circuit and in the beginning of the week, the RNC and GOP leadership is curiously | Read More »

    Hasan Left More Than a Trail of Blood at Ft. Hood; Now Let’s Follow the Paper Trail

    WND.com reported yesterday: CAIR speaker to Muslims: OK to attack Fort Bragg Exhorts Islamic faithful to target planes carrying ‘82nd Airborne’ http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=115687 I live in NC. The fine men and women down at Ft. Bragg are heroes…I don’t want them to be targets. I don’t want them to be collateral damage caused by Political Correctness run amok. There is a clear connection between the shooter | Read More »

    Michael Steele’s Strange Promotion of the GOP

    Michael Steele is once again on his strange apology tour for all ‘us’ racist Republicans. If Steele believes this is the way to promote and garner support from Tea Partiers and grassroot activists he is failing. We all know those that live and work in the Beltway of DC have strange and distorted views on those of us who live in flyover land and constitute | Read More »

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    Round one…..WE are on the ropes…..KNOCKOUT is coming to the Democrats!

    I went down to DC because I was called to action by Congressman King Real American Hero because he needed me and ALL of us to help SAVE our country from the horror that is government run healthcare. It is not lightly that I FIGHT my elected officials as a matter of fact other then the ballot box I had never been moved to actively | Read More »

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    Third Parties Are Not the Answer

    From the diaries, by Erick There are some lessons to be learned from NY-23 regarding third party efforts and why limited government conservatives need to play within a two party system. Even in New York, one of only five states to embrace fusion politics (allowing a candidate to run on one ballot as the candidate of multiple parties and combine his total vote between the | Read More »

    Responsible Reform

    I wanted to share this video with you, which focuses on the health care debate and outlines the Republican plan for health care reform.

    12 Hours and 12 Truths

    The Republicans are going online for twelve hours to talk about 12 truths on health care.You can watch here.

    What Michael Steele Should Do After NY-23

    Last night’s election brought a cornucopia of good cheer. The gleeful image of Bruce Springstein chewing nails while a victorious GOP celebrated to “Born to Run” still has me in a state of elevated good cheer. The one downer was the special election in NY-23. But, like almost every rotten situation, Conservative Party Myrmidon Doug Hoffman’s narrow defeat offers GOP Party Chairman Michael Steele a | Read More »