GOP Poised to Control More State Legislatures

    The Wall Street Journal has a story this morning that shows how the Senates of five of our states – Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Oregon and Maine – could switch to Republican control.  In each of these Senates all the GOP has to do is win three seats or less.  And, if they play their cards right, they could even pick up four more (the House | Read More »

    Ohio Republican Primary Endorsements

    On Tuesday, the Ohio primaries will be held.  The only GOP primary races of interest involve congressional seats and there are only four at that where there is any competition. Let’s leave the best for last- the 8th district represented by John Boehner. The Ninth District is held by Democratic incumbent Marcy Kaptur. This northern Ohio district anchored in Toledo is the strongest Democratic district | Read More »

    Indiana Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    It is a rather slow year for electoral interest in Indiana. Republicans hold 8 of their 9 House seats and with no gubernatorial or Senate races this year, that is where the interest will be. 3rd District- Incumbent Marlin Stutzman will face two challengers in the primary. Located in the northeastern corner of Indiana, this is perhaps the most Republican of the Indiana districts. Mark | Read More »

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    T.W.’s Campaign Rally in Tulsa

    Today I went to a campaign rally for T.W. Shannon at the Green Country Event Center in Tulsa and it was a blast. Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee all showed up for him and boy the crowds really ate them up. Ted Cruz especially got everybody fired up. Sarah Palin and Mike Lee were also terrific while speaking. T.W. Shannon himself while speaking | Read More »

    Nevada GOP no longer opposes abortion or same-sex marriage [UPDATE]

    I’m speechless, but Las Vegas isn’t. They are a finalist in the running for the 2016 Republican National Convention. They even have a website set up at

    Maybe they should put that on the website.

    Or maybe this isn’t where the party is going, huh?

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    Easter 1916 And A Lesson For The GOP

    Easter 1916 And A Lesson For The GOP

    The situation facing the Irish Republican faction in Ireland in 1916 was grim. Though thee movement had made immense strides towards Irish independence in the first decade of the 20th Century, World War I had bought it to a halt. Thousands of Irishmen joined the British Army at the outbreak of the war, many of them had died on the Western Front and at Gallipoli. | Read More »


    The Tea Party: More Philosophy and Less Politics

    In a previous article, I tried to statistically illustrate that the Tea Party’s electoral strength in 2010 was exaggerated by the media.  Although there were some 56 or so members officially in the Tea Party Caucus in the House, it represented about 25% of total Republicans.  In the interim, the media had said the power of the Tea Party was waning yet the number of Tea Party-affiliated, | Read More »

    Picking and Choosing

    On Saturday, I volunteered to help out at a Day of Action event in the city where I live. The Louisiana GOP had two forces in play – door-to-door activists and people working the phones. One of the first things I noticed is that phone records are apparently really out of date because of the calls I made, a ton were disconnected. That is neither | Read More »

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    Lost in Space

    I want the GOP to win both houses of Congress, but not at the cost of getting home. This means that we have to have leadership and candidates who support the values we as Republicans hold dear, not the values of the Washington D.C. establishment.

    Maybe if we stuck to just a few points, we can have a general direction home?

    Repeal Obamacare, repeal it not fix it
    Stop the growth of government in all directions – not slow it down, not cut the rate of increase, stop it
    If Republicans can’t get agreement on these two points in the 2014-2016 session, hopefully with control of both houses of congress, then we’ve failed, regardless of how many (R)’s are next to names on the roll call.

    If we can’t get break through the 24-hour news cycle into voters’ minds and hearts, and motivate them to support real issue candidates, not straw men and incumbents, then the GOP will remain lost in space.

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    GA Senate race: Karen Handel is the only one with cojones

    With high profile support from Sarah Palin, and now the American Future Fund, it’s very possible that Handel can accomplish it.

    I hope she does.

    Of all the candidates, she is the only one to show pure backbone. As my uncle used to say “if the queen had balls, she’d be king,” Karen’s got ’em where the other candidates don’t. Where they’ve got resumes, she’s got scars. Where they have degrees, she has life lessons.

    This is not to say that Kingston, Broun, and Gingrey are without merit, but they are more properly in the House, where they can be followers and group-thinkers. In the Senate, which the GOP is expected to take from the Democrats this year, we need pure cojones.

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    What Republicans Stand For

    So what is it that Republicans stand for?

    We stand for many things, to list them all out would be quite the task. But it all springs forth from our founding. We stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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    VIDEO: Matt Bevin Gets Grassroots And Glenn Beck FIRED UP At #FreePAC

    VIDEO: Matt Bevin Gets Grassroots And Glenn Beck FIRED UP At #FreePAC

    Yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky, FreedomWorks hosted FreePAC, a gathering of conservative grassroots activists. The libertarian-leaning, strongly independent crowd were active and engaged throughout the very successful meeting. One of the speakers who truly inspired the crowd was the man who’s name was on signs all over the auditorium: Kentucky Senate candidate and Mitch McConnell side-thorn Matt Bevin. Here is speech: “There are many people that | Read More »

    Glenn Beck: “Mitch McConnell Is As Big Of A Danger To This Country As Barack Obama Is”

    Glenn Beck: "Mitch McConnell Is As Big Of A Danger To This Country As Barack Obama Is"

    In Louisville, Kentucky today, Freedomworks hosted #FreePAC, a gathering of right and center right grassroots activists. The keynote speaker was Glenn Beck, who had strong words for Mitch McConnell and other Republican party leaders. “I told you at the very beginning what this administration tries to do you and what the progressives on the right, let me tell you something, Mitch McConnell is as big | Read More »

    I officially endorse T.W. Shannon for U.S. Senate

    After Tom Coburn announced his early retirement and the race got underway, I was undecided of what candidate I’d back to replace him (though it wasn’t gonna be Lankford for sure). Former State Senator Randy Brogdon who ran for Governor in 2010 (and initially did against Fallin before jumping into the Senate race) gave me pause of who to endorse. There’s certainly elements of him | Read More »

    Illinois Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    On Tuesday, primaries will be held in Illinois to decide candidates for the general election in November. Besides the gubernatorial election, there is also a Senate seat and some competitive House seats. For Governor, incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn faces a daunting task to get reelected. To hear some voices in Illinois, he may even face a tough primary fight against progressive activist Tio Hardeman. There | Read More »