The War on the Rich and Where You Stand

    There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from President Obama and his czars. The White House is putting the rich on notice: “You’re days of “greed” and high rolling are over” But as they seek to tax those making 250,000 a year, one must ask: “Is 250,000 rich or upper middle class?” You know, because there’s a difference between rich and upper | Read More »

    Limbaugh is Not Our Leader. He is Our Benchmark…

    Limbaugh seems to be enjoying the ride as his sturdy little craft is being carried along by the swift current called the daily news cycles.   And the fact that millions more are now tuning in to his talk show hasn’t hurt his Arbitron rating, either.  Rush is being touted by friend and foe alike as the leader or de facto leader of either the Conservative Movement, | Read More »

    Clarification: Does NOT Want Activists:  << GOP Action Center Project (Renegade) Lee posted here that while the GOP does indeed need an Activism Center, it’s not the job of the grassroots to provide it if the GOP won’t.   I disagree.   Vigorously. We are 17 months from the mid-term election.  A well-designed Action Center for conservatives could well mean the difference between a small conservative/moderate advance and a majority | Read More »


    A Time for Principles and A Time To Recapture Our Destiny

    There are those in our country who can’t wait to sign America’s death certificate. They’ve long held contempt for America and her people, and when they see her on wounded knee, they move in to strike her down for good. But little do they know the spirit which burns in the dead of night, ever true, ever stronger. Little do they know her people, who | Read More »


    Proposal For RedState and ‘The Party’

    This post is in reference to the concept presented in ‘this post’. First off, allow me to commend Ron Robinson’s intent! The party should be all about outreach and contact and activism, but Republicans, by our very nature are not activists. Activism in Republican circles always amounts to a great start and a quick fade. Protesters do not stand up and march for the proper, | Read More »

    Hijack Call for Developers, Admins & Moderators

    While Erick was preparing this RNC Fail post, I was busy setting up the web site below to get action started on the web site we really need.  The RNC RFC for a new web site does not even mention the tools RNC activists would need to win in 2010.  The tools I suggest we need are at the bottom of this post. (Tools like | Read More »

    End of the Week Open Thread: Keep an Eye on John Thune

    A guy I’ve been reading about since the start of the 2008 election is John Thune. We don’t hear much about Thuney but he seems to be a reasonable guy with solid principles and a good track record as a Senator. What do you guys think? You can read more about him on Wikipedia


    If They Won’t Then We Should, and We Will

    Now it’s time for me to come down hard on the Republicans. Simply put: “Cut the Crap!” Where are you Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, where? These so called leaders have been marginalized by the leftists in the media and in the Congress like neutered dogs, that’s right, dogs without cannons! Come on Paul Ryan, you’ve got to be about what? 6’0-6’4? Stand up | Read More »

    GOP IT Boss Krohn Departs; Still Network Illiterate

    So IT Leader Krohn departs the GOP. Too bad, but perhaps it’s for the best. He just wasn’t getting it. Time for jaw, jaw, jaw is over.  TIme for war, war, war.   I actually wrote to Steele in his first 3 days asking him to keep Krohn on board while I pestered Krohn with a few important essential ideas.   Krohn made at least | Read More »

    I Disagree With Rush Limbaugh

    I Disagree With Rush Limbaugh Respectfully, from the viewpoint of a young Republican, Rush Limbaugh made headlines several weeks ago for commenting that he hopes Obama and his policies fail. What could have been spun as an unfortunate slip of the tongue or misunderstanding was instead clarified and repeated beyond any doubt. But, there was a glimmer of hope that the GOP might finally put | Read More »

    Principles Under Fire

    It’s become increasingly clear that in order for Republicans to be successful in any election in the future they must abandon principles for pragmatism, beliefs for political appeasement to demographics and the next generation. But I would argue that while being a liberal myself, I’d rather vote and support someone with principles, than for someone who lacks a foundation or core beliefs. You see principles | Read More »

    Michael Steele’s No Good, Low Down, Rotten, Very Bad Week

    A lot of readers sent me a link to Michelle’s post on Steele, Hughley, and the Nazis. Good Lord did Steele really botch this interview. I thought he was an articulate spokesman. Hughley tells Steele the Republican Convention looked like a Nazi party gathering in Germany. Steele’s response? Well, here’s the unedited transcript from CNN covering that portion of the interview: HUGHLEY: Well, Michael, I | Read More »

    Its The “F***ing” Economy You Morons!!!!!!!!

    I am astounded at watching these idiotic children who are referrect to as leaders of the Republican Party in their hissy fit fight.  First of all my five year old grand daughter fights tougher then Eric Cantor, Michael Steele, and Rush Limbaugh fight. OK I know you three are not the brightest bulbs in the circuit but do try to wrap your minds around this.  | Read More »

    Fred Thompson Radio Show dot Com

    Right this minute I am listening to the dulcet tones of Fred Thompson on the radio. You too can listen at Today’s Program: Hour 1 Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) Will talk about the economic stimulus package and his refusal to accept some government funds from his state. Hour 2 Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Will talk about the top issues of the day, including President | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 25, 2009 Obama vows: ‘We will rebuild’ Health care, education, energy all play a role — ANALYSIS: Obama offers silver lining — Rebuttal: Jindal calls spending ‘irresponsible’ La. governor also faults own party — Obama gets automobile origin wrong President toots wrong horn in speech — Lobbyists win classified leaks ruling Government bar set higher — Lawsuits challenge sanctuary policies Illegals’ | Read More »