Yet Another Soft Head “Expert” Giving His Two Cents on the Direction of the GOP

    Jacob Weisberg of Newsweek wrote an article called “Republicanism Reimagined” he talked about a David Cameron model of the Republican Party and therefore a conservative movement modeled not after the man who proved twice the power of honest, coherent conservatism steeped in our founding values and principles, that man being the “Gipper” Ronald Reagan, but no we should instead look yet again to Europe for | Read More »


    Give me SOME(THING/ONE) to believe in!?!?

    This post is mainly for the new folks coming to the site writing diaries about rebuilding the republican party. I think it is widely known that the Directors of this site are in favor of rebuilding the party, throwing the bums out, and cleaning house when it comes to congressional cronyism, speaking out on conservative principles, re-establishing grassroots efforts, and making dirty people famous, while | Read More »

    Mr. Ridge and Mr. Powell thank you for the input, but I must politely say “f**k off

    In 1986 I ran a campaign in Upstate New York.  It was a primary campaign for an open seat and it was more then obvious that the potential to be very negative was there. I had the better candidate.  We were heavily financed, he was known and very well liked, plus a record of cutting taxes and providing jobs.  He was ideal. We had the | Read More »

    Liz Cheney or Meghan McCain?

    The daughters of two famous Republican politicians have been getting some serious face time in the media lately. Meghan McCain has a head start, thanks to her blog, her father’s campaign for the presidency last year and a set of beliefs which the Obama-loving drive-by media finds very close to their own. So she has been given a wealth of video footage and column inches | Read More »

    Book Review: Homer E. Capehart

    I was reminded of my college history professor’s biography of Homer Capehart a couple of weeks ago when I saw the unusual book cover in an Indianapolis local TV news segment. On a lark, I found my copy and decided to reread it. I am glad I did. Who was Homer Capehart? I didn’t know before I bought and read this book some 15 years | Read More »

    Advice for a “moderate” Republican who voted Obama over McCain.

    This is in response to gsy987 here, complaining that the GOP needs to adjust itself to make “moderates” more comfortable. Of course, his advice, like that of David Frum, Rick Moran, David Brooks, etc. is that we jettison social conservatives and demand less loyalty of “moderates” toward the party. My father here is exhibit A right now in everything that is wrong with the Republican | Read More »

    The Great Huntsman Hoax

    It seems like the announcement came out of nowhere this weekend: Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr. will resign and accept an appointment as ambassador to China, ABC 4 has confirmed. The official announcement came during a press conference held by President Obama Saturday morning at the White House in the Diplomatic Room. President Obama asked the people of Utah to forgive him for taking their | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — May 18, 2009 Notre Dame cheers, jeers Obama President urges ‘open’ dialogue on abortion at Catholic school — General faulted for awarding Tillman medal McChrystal told superiors friendly fire may have killed ex-football star — Rivals’ woes give Ford Motor Co. a clear field — Sri Lankan rebels admit defeat — Afghan rights group finds lower civilian toll — Gitmo closing timeline | Read More »

    A handy checklist for people who wish to complain about the RiNOs in the GOP.

    [UPDATE]: Here are couple more links for you: Rebuilding the GOP: The Committeeman Project Get Your STORC On I am not ordering anybody to follow this checklist.  I’m not even going to nag about it.  I am merely suggesting that you consider answering the questions on them before you go off on how the party isn’t listening to you. What is the name of your | Read More »

    Poll: What if Obama lied about his citizenship… What then?

    (Updated below) What do you think should be done about it? Here are your choices as I see it: Ignore, deny, and actively avoid the subject. Investigate, impeach, and remove him from office Force him to relinquish the office, thereby making Joe Biden the acting President Prosecute him for election fraud and misrepresentation of his credentials. Deport him. Attack me for asking the question. And | Read More »

    Mike Huckabee Front Runner

    As the Editor and Chief of “The Republicander” I have started conducting a pole on the possible Republican Presidential Candidates and at first it looked the Mitt Romney was going to run away with it. Then people started pouring in for Mike Huckabee. I am a member of the Clinton County Republican Party and we were lucky enough to have Mike for our Lincoln Day | Read More »

    The Committeeman Project: Alabama → Arkansas

    Update (05/14/2009): A little change; I’ve decided to concentrate the number of precincts per county first and the number of currently serving Committeemen in each county before drilling down to the precinct level. What is the Committeeman Project? Read all about it here. Achance’s comment here neatly captures one of the whys of what we’re doing; returning control of the GOP back to the base | Read More »

    Meghan McCain: Just Stop It

    I can’t understand this dynasty/legacy mentality of some politicians and their children. Just what is it that makes Chelsea Clinton or Meghan McCain think they are the voice of their parents’ political parties? I can only wonder that maybe they believe they are heirs to nobles in some gotti kingdom of politics. Whatever the case may be, Meghan McCain cries for the limelight again. In | Read More »

    Tea Party Two: The Town Hall

    This just in from Politico’s Andy Barr: Hoping to recapture the grassroots energy of last month’s “tea parties,” Republican Govs. Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Rick Perry of Texas will host a tele-town hall Thursday that’s being dubbed “Tea Party 2.0.” The Republican Governors Association said it is expecting 30,000 people to participate in the town hall, which will take place roughly one month | Read More »

    Meghan McCain: Just Stop It

    Reaction to Meghan McCain’s recent exclusive statements on the GOP

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