Nothing in Moderation

    by Lance Thompson In the wake of the presidential election, some Republicans are recommending that the party should soften its views, back away from hard-line conservatism, and blur the differences between us and the Democrats. These people are called moderates, and the prescription they offer is deadly. The Democrats did not win with a moderate candidate. Barack Obama was the nation’s most liberal Senator until | Read More »

    GOP: Don’t Have “Bush-Syndrome” & Actually Learn a Lesson

    Below are some various trends and stats that I have compiled from the 2008 Presidential election. Surprisingly, the Catholic shift. Not surprising, the immigration shift. Talk about messaging. Seriously, just take Latino immigrants. Catholic, family-centric, hard-working, familiar with small businesses, and until we piss them off, most likely to be Center-Right. What happens when we do make them mad by, oh, I don’t know, coming | Read More »

    A stab straight through the heart

    This is not going to be a lengthy recap of the many woes caused us by now-infamous names such as Kathleen Parker, Peggy “She Killed But I Don’t Like Her Anyway” Noonan, and our favorite whipping-boy, David “She Is A Cancer Upon The Party” Brooks. The resourceful can spend their time on Google and Technorati for the detailed history. At the heart of it all, | Read More »

    The New Frontier

    You know what type of Republican I am? I’m a common sense Republican. I’m a Republican in the way Eisenhower was and I also hold views outside my party. But more important than my views is my common sense. What ever happened to that? And this scarcity of common sense isn’t prone to the GOP alone. When I talk about common sense I speak of | Read More »


    A Look At a “New” GOP

    I reject the whole proposition that anything is wrong with the Republican Party. other than we need to gt back to being… Republicans. (Sen McCain: Thanks for everything. Now go home, and leave the rest of us alone) There are things that as a group we need to do better. We need to:

    Restoring Reaganism

    It appears Deroy Murdock got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. You don’t hear this kind of thing too much from the ranks of the Right (well, maybe once or twice here on RS): Nevertheless, Bush is the GOP’s Jimmy Carter, a weak bumbler who embarrassed his constituents, betrayed his philosophical movement, sank his party, and eventually surrendered the White House | Read More »


    Scorched earth

    In the days following the election I have slowly drifted toward the “hell no” camp with regards to this artificial concept of “national unity.” I have written here and on comments on other blogs that Congressional Republicans should grow a huge pair of brass balls and afford the Democrats no Cover for their legislation. This forces Conservative Democrats to either fall in line with their | Read More »

    The GOP cannot out-left the Left

    On The Day After, David Frum wrote an election post-mortem that told the GOP that we must move left. His words: College-educated Americans have come to believe that their money is safe with Democrats – but that their values are under threat from Republicans. And there are more and more of these college-educated Americans all the time.So the question for the GOP is: Will it | Read More »

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    A Rebuttal To “Hanoi Jane Republicans”

    I have to respectfully disagree with Erick here: *We have Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and Chris Matthews now all in for Obama and admitting it. Therefore, we can conclude that any Republican who appears on MSNBC will be there solely to serve as a foil for the Obama fan club. We should resolve to designate elected Republicans wiling to play the fool “Hanoi Jane Republicans.” | Read More »

    Deroy Mudock lectures us on Reagan conservatism

    NRO’s Deroy Murdock is out with a column in which he blasts President Bush, Karl Rove and congressional GOP leaders for the sorry state the Republican Party finds itself in today.

    Finding the Soul of the GOP

    Before we have the battle for the future of our country, the GOP is going to have a battle for its soul. The GOP has been using conservatives who were upset with the Democrats for some time now, especially in the South. The thing is, though, the party is not run by real conservatives. It is full of moderates, half-liberals, and people cutting deals with | Read More »

    Flake calls for new GOP Leadership

    “The internal firing squad among House Republicans has begun, with conservative Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) as the first out of the gate calling for the House leadership team to be replaced.” Source:Roll CallFull Text


    I Choose To Fight

    I am a Republican. The first vote I cast in a Presidential Election was for the re-election of Ronald Reagan in 1984 and I have not looked back since. The conservative message it puts forth speaks to the fundamental traditions that made America what it is today. We all know that mistakes were made by those people we entrusted to do our work in Washington, | Read More »

    Obama And Democrat Win Equals Wake Up Call To GOP

    Now that the results are in for the 2008 election, the analysis and evaluation will continue for some time. Although from a media stand point, most of the post analysis evaluation is over and the speculation of how the Democrats especially the President Elect will govern dominate the pundits, those within both major political parties are looking at the data and trying to find answers | Read More »

    The guerilla Congress

    I’ve never held public office but I have always been civically active, even before I moved to the USA. As Bill Quick wrote [UPDATE: The post I linked to is by martinra, a Daily Pundit contributor. Apparently I am not aware of ALL the internet traditions regarding group blogs especially when bylines are at the end of an article. Yes, I have read Daily Pundit | Read More »