The Accomplished Sarah Palin

    Thursday night/Friday morning, on the eve of John McCain’s announcement of who his running mate would be, was an all-nighter for this scribe. I really was tired and sleepy, but I just couldn’t make myself go to bed. Instead I was following this thread of comments on the Draft Sarah Palin For Vice President website. Adam Brickley, who created the site in February of 2007, | Read More »

    Michigan Articles of Interest 8-31-08

    65 Days Until Election Day August 31, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: MCCAIN-PALIN…still the talk of the town. The more we find out, the more everyone likes the possibilities. Every other state chair I have spoken to has reported overwhelming excitement and support for the new ticket. Volunteers are calling in and looking for Victory Centers…donations have picked up…our party is clearly excited! MICHIGAN WELCOMING NIGHT IN | Read More »

    Country First; The GOP Convention and Gustav

    It appears the McCain team is playing it by ear, since these storms are so unpredictable. But the new word is that the Twin Cities is being prepared to turn into a full service relief center should disaster strike. I applaud this decision. First and foremost, it’s the right thing to do. Secondly, it conforms with the theme of the McCain campaign – Country First. | Read More »

    That giant sucking sound….

    Kudos to the McCain campaign, they have been extremely shrewd scheduling the VP announcement for today. It was designed to steal the thunder from Obama no matter who he picked, if only for the simple fact everyone would be wondering just WHO he will pick and not analyzing and promoting the Obama platform. But this, this is made of pure, unvarnished, 200 proof AWESOME. The | Read More »

    It Is Sarah Palin….

    After writing blogs, calling everyone I knew in and out of the McCain campaign I have been pushing for Sarah Palin for four months. This is magnificent. So much for a bounce from the messiah. Yesterday I talked very briefly with a senior adviser from the McCain campaign and he let it slip when he said “SHE will surprise many people”. He hung up immediately.

    McCain / Palin 08

    It’s official, Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain has announced that his pick for Vice Presidential candidate will be Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

    Wake Up GOP Or Else….

    The first political campaign I worked in was Barry Goldwater in 1964. It was a great campaign and a spectacular defeat. Over the years I worked in 30 campaigns in 11 States. I was there in 1976 when the GOP was broke and was giving serious consideration to closing the doors. They were backed into a corner. Then a bunch of 20 somethings came up | Read More »

    GOP Convention Stage

    GOP Convention website unveils first look at the stage we’ll see very soon live.

    Sarah Palin for VP If We Want To Win….

    This election is for all the marbles. Anyone who thinks differently is either naive or delusional. If the Democrats sweep it all they will pass legislation to tie up conservatives and the GOP for the next 50 years. The media has shown itself to be so in bed with the Democrats that no matter what they do or legislation they pass they will excuse it | Read More »

    Groan!!! ‘Gang of 10′ becomes ‘Gang of 16′ and GOP rolls over AGAIN!!!!!!!

    Just read this on the AP. I keep hoping it’s a mistake. Knowing the jellyfish-like quality of the Senate GOP, it’s likely not. **WASHINGTON – Six more senators on Tuesday joined a bipartisan group of 10 senators backing a bill they say will break the stalemate over offshore drilling in Congress. Three Democrats and three Republicans joined the so-called Gang of 10, making it the | Read More »

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    Democrats Support Mafia

    Democrats and the Mafia > “Barack Obama’s key fund raiser, Tony Rezko, went on trial last week. It’s important to take a broader look at America’s most corrupt large city: Chicago. (We apologize from the outset,some links no longer exist or passages we quote never existed on the web.) Chicago has had a Democratic Mayor since 1931,and today in 2008,49 of 50 Chicago Aldermen | Read More »

    You’ve Got Keys; We’ll Bring Some Real Noise

    The only truly American political convention is a week away in the twin cities. This week the Democrats are going to try to exploit the McCain housing issue by having conventioneers bring and jingle keys. I recall how effective the GOP convention was in 2004 as compared to the Democrats. There was so much unity and organization. The simple chant of “flip flop” pierced through | Read More »

    Rush to Reaganism for Grand New Party Comeback

    By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report Originally published in Gamecock sees no inherent contradiction between Rush/Reagan conservatism and most of the themes and policy proposals presented in David Frum’s Comeback nor Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam’s Grand New Party, despite the hype of some columnists and the author’s themselves. Both books, but especially Frum’s, claim to be | Read More »


    Senator Ensign Slams Fellow GOP Senators

    Josh KurtzRoll Call In a stunning admission, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Ensign (Nev.) on Friday morning blasted his GOP colleagues for not doing enough to help the committee financially, and he said he would have to scale back the NRSC’s independent expenditure budget as a result. “I recently challenged my colleagues to step up to the plate and help me provide the resources | Read More »

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    Bush Not Running? That’s OK, They Can Pretend That He Is!

    I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Barack Obama wants to use the DNC Convention to paint John McCain as a carbon copy of President Bush but that is the latest report. Since George Bush isn’t running for President, and I know that surprises a number of my liberal friends, the second best thing to do is pretend that he is. This has been a | Read More »