MI Morning Update: 9 More Days

    9 Days Until Election Day October 26, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: SUNDAY MORNING TALK SHOWS…below is a run down of the various talk shows as we go into the final full week of the campaign. U of M v. MSU…what an exciting game.  The tailgate area felt like a political rally, John LaFond and Susan Brown’s troops were out and about.  We had plenty of McCain stickers | Read More »

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    A thought experiment

    I’d like to invite you to take a thought experiment. My premise is this: Is it possible for the GOP to ever become “too conservative”? I ask this as a former moderate Republican (call me a RINO if you will). Is there any scenario under which you might feel that the Republican party has shifted too far to the right, and that certain interest groups | Read More »

    Joe Lieberman to bolt Dems?

    Lee Cary over at American Thinker wrote Lieberman’s Carpe Diem Time Has Come If Obama wins the election, Joe the Plumber will be joined by another “Joe.” Joe the Outcast. Lieberman has to know he’ll be summarily drummed out of the Democrat corps in retribution for his support of McCain. I’m of the mindset that this would have an impact but would be termed a | Read More »

    Colin Powell Endorsed Barack Obama

    Today General Colin Powell the former Secretary of State endorsed Democratic nominee Barack Obama for president. I completely understand why Gen. Powell did what he did and quite honestly I don’t blame him. You see like me Colin feels the GOP is broken. He feels as if the Republican party refuses to admit mistakes and move forward for the better. Uncompromisable and unwilling to exercise | Read More »

    The Party of Weenies Deserves to Be Roasted

    By Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon The party of Ronald Reagan is looking more and more like those persons who stand idly by and watch strangers get mugged. Except the “mugees” are members of their own party. We would be putting it mildly if we said we’re sick and tired of hearing so-called conservatives (are you listening, John McCain?) tossing about docile rhetoric at his | Read More »

    Attn: Senator McCain (For the Final Debate)

    Senator McCain: I thank you for unleashing Sarah Palin and going after your opponent’s dubious connections (ACORN, Ayers, Raines, etc.). These attacks, however, are not enough. The swing voters and others are focusing on their pockets and the declining value of their investments. They are bombarded constantly with doom and gloom from the mainstream media, who also sing the praises of your opponent, Senator Obama. | Read More »

    RCP now puts Obama at 50% and McCain at 42.2%

    Well after earlier posts and being labled a ‘troll’ I guess this will be treated the same way. For the first time ever this election cycle RealClearPolitics.com has Obama at 50%, McCain at 42.2%.

    Witness the reasoning powers of our esteemed Democratic opponents.

    [Update]: A statement about the hate crime from Katon Dawson, SC GOP Chair: “This cowardly attempt to intimidate our conservative Republican reform team here in South Carolina will motivate our volunteers and activists to work that much harder for our candidates up and down the ballot. The destructive actions of these vandals should be taken as a sign of desperation. They clearly lack the energy, | Read More »

    I Want my GOP Back

    Denise Velez says it on behalf of her grandparents, I’ll say it on behalf of myself. I was never really a Republican, but I was an Independent arguing forcefully against the stifling liberalism thriving in Canada and threatening the US for most of this decade. The Nanny-Statism and condescending moral superiority of self appointed social watchdogs. I voted for Bush in 2004, though I was | Read More »

    Focusing so much on Obama and Ayers instead of Obama and Fannie Mae CEOs Johnson/Raines is a big mistake.

    The McCain Campaign and the GOP should be pounding Obama on both associations, but considering the economic turmoil is what is at the top of the headlines, Obama’s connections with Fannie Mae CEOs Johnson and Raines should be receiving a hell of a lot more attention. What’s more, the Ayers issue does nothing for the races down the ballot. The Democrats own this crisis – | Read More »

    Ideas Still Have Consequences

    When I was a teenager growing up in northern Minnesota in the 80s, I lived in the only state to have voted for Walter Mondale during the Reagan Revolution. So naturally, to rebel against authority, I embraced that revolution. My teachers were most distressed. grins “He’s bright, intellectual, a gifted speaker, and…and crestfallen whisper conservative.” I took a college level class in Econ my senior | Read More »



    **READ THE FULL STORY AT The Save Jersey Blog Pelosi Sabotaged Bush’s BailoutBy Matt Rooney | October 1, 2008** Wake up, Save Jerseyans. Despite the best efforts of her media supporters to obscure the ruse afoot, Speaker Nancy Pelosi never really intended “The Paulsen Plan” to see the light of day. Overwhelming evidence suggests that the Speaker feigned disappointment at the bailout bill’s 228-205 defeat. | Read More »

    Is the Bailout the Chance to Revolt?

    I won’t call names or down trod those who think this bailout plan is necessary, but I will still remain vehemently against it. I am very proud of the Conservatives in the House who stood up to the Democrats and did not cave into threats of loosing committee seats. I’m rather sad that we are already looking into future plans. Half of the top economists | Read More »

    200 Votes For A New Majority

    Dovetailing on my other diary about how to win the rhetorical battle with the Democrats over the Financial Crisis, I want to explain a strategy for winning back the House. Keep in mind, the Democrats hold the exact same number of seats we held in 2006, and if we play our cards right the GOP could regain the majority because of this Bailout. One of | Read More »

    How quickly the GOP has forgotten

    They just adopted their darn platform for 2008. You can read it here. Let me pull out the key paragraph for you: We do not support government bailouts of private institutions. Government interference in the markets exacerbates problems in the marketplace and causes the free market to take longer to correct itself. We believe in the free market as the best tool to sustained prosperity | Read More »