GOP Idleness Spurs Action Center Project

    (this will move on the PR Newswire later today) P R E S S   R E L E A S E FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE INFO: GOP IDLENESS SPURS ACTION CENTER PROJECT Programmers Will Deliver Online Action Center Tools the GOP Will Not Provide Impatient with the GOP to provide online resources they say are essential to win future elections, a group of web programmers has decided | Read More »

    GOP IT Boss Krohn Departs; Still Network Illiterate

    So IT Leader Krohn departs the GOP. Too bad, but perhaps it’s for the best. He just wasn’t getting it. Time for jaw, jaw, jaw is over.  TIme for war, war, war.   I actually wrote to Steele in his first 3 days asking him to keep Krohn on board while I pestered Krohn with a few important essential ideas.   Krohn made at least | Read More »

    A Plea to Anyone at

    In my 14+ years of using the internet, I’ve never come across such a problem. I can’t be the only one affected by this. It’s like I’m in the Twilight Zone. I cannot log in to I’ve been trying for WEEKS. From different computers even, at home and at work. I enter my email address and password, click “Go” and nothing happens. And I mean NOTHING. The | Read More »

    Steele: Get the RNC Web Site Fixed!

    Open letter to the eCampaign folks at Alas, the GOP web site at has a few good ideas, but they are currently poorly, poorly implemented.  The GOP has a pretty fair idea in allowing one to set up your own web site/blog at – however their whole platform is so buggy, it’s going to result in more harm than good.  I’ll just hit | Read More »