Navigating hazardous waters

    The captain of a ship sets a DESTINATION. In order to achieve his goal of a long voyage, (S)He must plot a course. key landmarks, known hazards, potential storms and condition of the crew must all be taken into account. As the ship departs, depending on the berth from which it it received its cargo, it may not be pointing in the direction of the | Read More »

    So I’m the Nazi now…eh?

    I’d like to address, point by point, the latest Times (o’London) article concerning Al Gore’s comparison of AGW non-believers to Nazis.  I cannot let this article go unanswered.  Please, this is important.  It is this kind of comparison that engenders the true imprisonment of the Human mind.  It must be stopped, fought, tooth and nail, or I fear that we will all fall into a period of zealotry that | Read More »


    Give Back America

    “Give back, America.”  This is the mantra of the Left, spouted and scrawled, ad nauseum, through a form of auto-hypnosis peculiar to their kind.  What they’re really saying is ‘give up.’ Just who do they think they’re talking to?  You’re the side that still tithes, and gives while the giving’s still good.  Americans donate more money to responsible charities than any group anywhere, at any | Read More »

    “Scareface” Waxman’s Goose’s Gander

    The entire global warming movement depends on scare tactics.  Even if the supposition of a global calamity due to man-made global warming were true (and it’s not), this truth would depend on “fear” to sustain itself. Today, former Vice President Al Gore — who puts the P-U back into “Pulitzer” — testified before Congress stressing the need for a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — April 16, 2009 Calderon to press Obama on drug war Emphasizes element of U.S. blame —- Napolitano stands by controversial report Top Democrat says he’s ‘dumbfounded’ — Treasury banking on return of billions Tries to stretch bailout funds — Fenty drops paid holiday he backed in ’04 Defends budget cut for Emancipation Day — Ukraine’s Orange Revolution fades into disillusion — McAuliffe | Read More »

    Santa Evacuated from North Pole

    Please forward this to your friends who care.  Merry Christmas!    Santa Evacuated from North Pole! Read full details at Here are excerpts: Evacuation operations continue at the North Pole, as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, their reindeer and an estimated 5,000 elves are being relocated due to global warming to a secure but undisclosed location. * * * * * “The only way to | Read More »


    GLOBAL WARMING NEWSPEAK Contrary to popular belief, George Orwell lives. Okay, technically the author of 1984 passed to the great beyond in 1950 but Orwellian thought lives and thrives in the persons of Al Gore and his fellow global warmists who employ Orwell’s “Newspeak” whenever necessary, i.e., whenever reality gets in the way of their propaganda. As the Northeast shivers, as Montana sets a new | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Nov. 13, 2008 GOP to file suit to undo McCain rules McCain-Feingold limits hurt presidential efforts China stimulus hurts U.S. credit markets Surplus funds stay at home EXCLUSIVE: U.S. military worries about climate change EXCLUSIVE: Dead veteran’s kin demand trauma inquiry After death of son, dad takes cases to Capitol Hill Better-funded won more races Losers are the less well off Arab | Read More »

    Not Evil Just Wrong

    Capping Progress,Trading Away Freedom and Liberty

    In October 2007 Former Vice President Al Gore received 1/2 of the Nobel Peace Prize. This wasshared by the UN agency created to advance the idea of man-made climate change the IPCC.Here is the wording attributed to this prize “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to | Read More »

    Imaging the Goreacle- Cure for the Monday Blues

    He’s rather light one huge bulb than curse the darkness! The prophet warns of the coming judgment on America

    T. Boone Gore?

    What’s gotten into T. Boone Pickens? Apparently, a lot of wind and gas. Anyone who has watched any amount of cable television lately has seen his commercial, which concludes: “I’ve been an oil man my life, but this is one emergency we can’t drill our way out of. I have a plan…” Not only does he have a plan, but Pickens also has a flair | Read More »

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