Phone Banking Pennsylvania: It’s Still the Economy

    It’s not scientific and the sample size is small, but here is some raw data from my phone banking efforts on 9/8 and 9/15: 64 phone calls (32 each week) to likely voters, not all were Republicans. 9 McCain supporters (3 last week/6 yesterday) 8 Undecided (5 last week/3 yesterday) 1 Obama supporter (last week) 2 refused to respond 44 answering machines, messages, wrong numbers, | Read More »

    Two more (unnoticed) benefits of selecting Palin as VP

    As many have note in previous post the Pick of Palin has many advantages but I think that two of them were left unmentioned elsewhere: Firstly it neutralized one of the planned Democratic attacks in favor of Obama-that you are making history by voting for him and if you dare not to vote for him you’re a racist and bringing so much shame to the | Read More »

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