An Open Letter to Michigan Governor Snyder

    Dear Governor Snyder, I just finished speaking to another aide in your office regarding Common Core.  I asked him to please inform me regarding your position on Common Core (adopted in 2010), Next Generation Science Standards (pending adoption on May 14), and related assessments currently being piloted in Michigan schools. Predictably, I didn’t get an answer.  I never do. On different calls, I’ve been told | Read More »

    New Berlin School District (WI) Takes Positive Approach to Act 10

    How we respond to situations can make all the difference in the world in the long run, can’t it? Compare the following video and the kind of response displayed by these New Berlin School District Members with the wringing-of-the-hands, gnashing-of-the-teeth, total-entitlement, brutish, thuggish, nonsensical, end-of-the-world response that has been seen by so much of the Union “establishment” in recent weeks. Given how the legislation, Act | Read More »