Americans Are Governable. Progressives Are In Serious Denial.

    When Gregory Rodriguez wrote his column for today’s edition of The LA Times, he did one thing exceptionally well. He put the bottom line right up front. Let me get straight to the point: Americans’ profound distrust of government is neurotic — irrational, defensive and born of emotional trauma. Thus I’ll follow his example and get right after a point of my own. Gregory Rodriguez | Read More »

    Its A Jungle Out There – Americans

    2010 promises to be a repeat of 2009 – Mr. Obama hasn’t changed and his concentration isn’t on our Nation or Americans. What amazes me is the attitude of “Change,” his change – loss of jobs, homes and Americans’ faith in his ability to protect our Nation and fellow citizens absolutely are of no concern to Obama.

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    FBI gave airline bombing terrorist access to an attorney 27 hours faster than James O’Keefe.

    FBI gave airline bombing terrorist access to an attorney 27 hours faster than James O’Keefe. cross posted at: The Political Class O’Keefe appeared on Hannity last night. Video below:     Interesting to note from one of the statements by Andrew Breitbart. Link here. Earlier Monday, the man who first published James O’Keefe’s explosive videos exposing wrongdoing at community organizer ACORN came to the filmmaker’s | Read More »

    The Battle of the Bulge and War on Terror

    From New York Homeland Security, Michael Haltman The Greatest Generation Forward to Generations Baby Boomer and X Although a little slow on the uptake, the United States came to understand the necessity for winning World War II. There was no option for losing, as we faced an enemy led by a leader, Hitler, bent on world domination and in the creation of a world order | Read More »

    Barackcracy and the coming end of the worlds largest Ponzi scheme.

    More Czars, more registered lobbyists than ever, more alphabet organizations and plans, more government takeover of private entities, more regulation, legislation, and higher taxation coupled with an aging population with more entitlements, will lead to more crisis governance.  Putting out the hottest fire(many times unintended consequences actually throw gasoline) will rule the day.   Our government has been kicking the can down the road for | Read More »

    The Intellectual High Ground

    The Constitution, The Intellectual High Ground Thomas Jefferson wrote: “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Today the Constitution is used by our leader to bind the people. The Constitution was written as a contract that all elected leader swore to follow. It was the chains that | Read More »

    Utah Senator Bob Bennett is No Friend of the Constitution

    photo credit: Deseret News

    Due primarily to the influence of a large number of members of the LDS Church, Utah has an interesting political dynamic with regards to the Constitution. A majority of residents would agree with the statement that the Constitution is an inspired document, and many profess a love of and respect for this foundation of our government. More importantly, there are many who are willing to promote and defend its principles—evidenced by the swelling ranks and increased activity of organizations such as the Campaign for Liberty, Tea Party Patriots, 9/12, Patrick Henry Caucus, John Birch Society, and others.

    At a time when our Constitution is being ignored, subverted, and dismissed as an anachronistic piece of history, we have seen a number of individuals who are concerned enough to offer their services in its defense by stepping into the 2010 Senate race. Many of the positions held by these candidates are familiar to Utahns because they are based in the Constitution, founded upon the principles of liberty, and resonate with individuals seeking to get the federal government off of their backs and out of their wallets.

    Three-term incumbent Senator Bob Bennett, however, appears clearly out of step with this adherence to the Constitution and out of touch with his constituents. So foreign is his message to those he portends to represent that in one recent “fireside chat” he stated that he was holding such meetings to “reintroduce [himself] to the people of Utah.” A recent poll showed that 73% of Republicans voters feel that congressional Republicans have lost touch with their base. Senator Bennett, then, certainly has plenty of company.

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    Sex, the White House and Healthcare

    Sex, the White House and Healthcare We’ve Established What The White House Is, And Now We Are Just Haggling Over Price Pardon this old, tasteless joke, but in the scheme of the behind closed doors, back room dealings required to potentially get the healthcare bill passed, it is somewhat apropos. Read at

    Government Health Care Disaster

    First of all, I am a physician in the state of Kansas.  This whole health care debacle terrifies me on multiple levels, from the total disregard for the Constitution by our elected officials, to the devastating impact it will have on the quality of health care we receive.  Scott Brown is a glimmer of hope and I pray that he wins, but what has the | Read More »


    Go ahead, put this URL into your browser: That’s right: There is no DNS record for Anyone who tries to visit the IRS’s website has to take a guess and add www to it in order to get there. That’s twice today I’ve had to deal with user-hostile government at work. First the FCC made its public comment forms as obnoxious and difficult | Read More »

    What Do We Declare?

    In my monthly newsletter I wrote about the determination of some to destroy the inner beauty that our forefathers placed within the governmental system. The Declaration of Independence offers a solution which most citizens would not ascribe to. One section of the declaration even asks the question of when we should act and when we should not act. ” governments are instituted among men, deriving | Read More »

    Directions To Plato

    It seems that we have, in our seat of government, a renewal of an old perspective concerning the governance of this nation. Plato wrote in his book; Republic, that governance of the state is only good if those who govern have justice as the center of their philosophy. We, in this nation have come full circle, if we settle on Plato’s definitions of government. We | Read More »

    From Here To Inevitable

    The signal fires are burning. The laws are on the books. Washinton DC is rancid with the stench of corruption. It seems inevitable that life in America will change under the auspices of the Democratic Congress. If the health care legislation passes, and we move on to Cap and Trade, the immediate impact will be the strangulation of all freedom and liberty in our beloved | Read More »

    Who Will Speak For Us Now?

    We are the citizens of the last free nation on Earth. Who will speak for us? As of now we are even subjected to the onslaught of injustice from the ICC. The International Criminal Court now has the power to investigate, arrest, and prosecute any American citizen without any interference from our government. Thanks to an executive order by President Obama, we are now governed | Read More »

    In the Presence of Lady Liberty

    We see her carrying her torch, ever vigilent, ever watchful in the night. Lady Liberty serenely moves about with Grace and Truth coming along side her tall, magnificent frame. She seeks out those who will stand with her as she guards the nation from destruction. With Grace and Truth holding her up with their strong arms, she cries out, like Paul Revere, riding through the | Read More »