I Am No “Extremist”

    My letter to Secretary Napolitano, dated April 16, 2009: I am writing because of the release of the Department of Homeland Security report entitled “Rightwing Extremism Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” prepared by the DHS Extremism and Radicalization Branch of the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division. The DHS report states that millions of Right-wing American citizens are potential threats | Read More »

    CNN reporter Susan Rosegen openly argues with Tea Party protester. Then starts using Homeland Security buzz words for protesters.

    www.thepoliticalclass.com   CNN reporter Susan Rosegen openly argues with Tea Party protester. Then starts using Homeland Security buzz words for protesters. Susan Roesgen asks a protester “Why are you here today?” I guess his answer wasn’t what she was looking for so she starts to argue with him. It gets even better when she claims: That the crowd “is anti-government “ The crowd “anti-CNN” The | Read More »

    The Forest For The Trees

    Today is tax day. We here at RedState know what that means. It is no ordinary tax day of rushing to mail off returns before the magic hour or the usual grumbling about how much your tax bill ended up being, “why couldn’t I have that deduction, too?”, ,or “I don’t want to fund research on snails.” Today, we embark on a journey. The tea | Read More »

    NY Times writer Paul Krugman also thinks anyone protesting high taxes is crazy.

    www.thepoliticalclass.com NY Times writer Paul Krugman also thinks anyone protesting high taxes is crazy.   First it was MSNBC and now the NY Times jumps on the “You’re insane if you protest high taxes” bandwagon. Pau Krugman writes: This is a column about Republicans — and I’m not sure I should even be writing it. Today’s G.O.P. is, after all, very much a minority party. | Read More »

    Obama’s Alternate Reality

    A wife confronted her husband in bed with another woman. As the other woman hastily donned her clothes and beat a hasty retreat, the husband looked deep into his wife’s eyes and said, “What woman?” As in, “Who are you going to believe, me or the evidence of your own eyes?”   A parallel scenario is playing out in the media, with the White House | Read More »

    Self Reliance

    This story brought a smile to my face.  It’s good to see that people haven’t forgotten that government isn’t always needed to solve problems that affect a local community.  Sometimes a better solution can be local people banding together to resolve a problem more quickly and efficiently than might otherwise occur. Our country was built with just this sort of can-do attitude, and its refreshing | Read More »

    “Sexual Aids” But Not Cancer Treatments

    Yeah, we have all heard it.  The horror story where a friend or family member had a serious medical issue and was turned down for care, not by the doctor, but by his insurance, or, worse, Medicare or Medicaid.  Or they received treatment but found out afterward that it wasn’t covered. A quick Google search gives us Thousands of links for “healthcare horror stories.”  One | Read More »

    Cuts? What Budget Cuts? He Never Promised Cuts!

    The following is a transcript from the 3rd Presidential Debate (10-15-08) between McCain and Obama on the topic of budgets. It is especially relevant now. SCHIEFFER: All right. Let’s go to another topic. It’s related. So if you have other things you want to say, you can get back to that. This question goes to you first, Senator Obama. We found out yesterday that this | Read More »

    Tea Party map! Order TEA for Tax Day protest! Wear “Tea” stickers

    www.thepoliticalclass.com Two items for everyone: 1. Everyone should order TEA for lunch on APRIL 15th. Make every restaurant run out and tell them why. I know some people can’t make one of the Tea Parties.  BUT you can order tea for lunch. Or wear a tea bag as a lapel pin. Our congressional reps should print out some “tea” stickers that you can wear on | Read More »

    Who the Heck Elected YOU?

    Who the Heck Elected YOU, anyway? Whether it be among friends or family, we’ve all heard that phrase tossed about by someone who found his pet idea left by the wayside. It’s a question of “official” authority, in most cases. Say your friends get together for a movie, say you make a film choice and everyone begins to agree. But there’s always that one guy | Read More »

    Tim Geithner’s Excellent Ponzi Scheme

    As our Prompter in Chief loves to say, “Let me be clear!” This proposal to buy toxic assets by Treasury Secretary Geithner is nothing more than a huge Ponzi scheme! The banks will now be able to use our taxpayer money via the TARP funds to invest a fractional amount into the very assets that caused the taxpayers to give the banks TARP money in | Read More »

    The End Of A Free Republic And The Beginning Of Obamaland

    The United States Of America as we have known it ceased to exist during an announcement made by the President of The United States. Barack Obama announced that essentially government was taking over two major companies who up until the announcement were publicly owned by stock holders and privately managed by a CEO and Board of Directors. We have witnessed at the behest of Barack | Read More »

    The Mind of an Obama Supporter

    Can this really be serious?  Was this guy serious when he posted this? An exchange on Facebook, commenting on a status message: “to[sic] many bills and not enough money to go around.” The replies came as follows, from two individuals I’ll call “M” and “P”: M: Um, yeah… Amen… P: Welcome to the club. This is the fruit of Dubya’s America. At least we can | Read More »

    Who knew?

    I just got a call from a good friend of mine.  He was at the country records office getting finger printed for his CCW.  He was sitting next to the clerk’s window waiting to be called.  In walked a man and the following conversation took place with a county sheriff: Man – Can I speak to you a minute? Sheriff – Sure, what’s up? Man | Read More »

    The Ban on Black

    California craziness continues! Their environmental agency plans to ban black cars, claiming that drivers use air conditioners too much when dark-painted cars heat up from the sun. Get the details and further links here from The Heritage Foundation. Regulating the color of cars—or anything else—is the mark of an overly-intrusive government and a lessening of our freedoms. Teabags are quickly becoming the symbol of too | Read More »