A Possible Republican Trifecta in November

      In a previous posting, I noted that the Senate may very well be possibly in play for a Republican take over in November along with the House.  But what about the governor’s races?  They are especially important this year since there will be reapportionment issues and redrawing of Congressional districts as a result of the census.  Currently, Democrats lead among governors 26-24 (actually, 26-23-1 | Read More »

    The Other Midterm Concerns

    The census is being completed and this sets up the next, possibly more important battle in politics in 2011.  As everyone is aware, despite the advertisements about steering federal dollars your way, the census is mandated by the Constitution.  It is determine the population of states for representation in Congress.  Additionally, under our electoral system, it determines the number of electoral votes each state receives | Read More »

    Meanwhile, down in the states: Tuesday’s Results in State legislatures & more

    Not surprisingly, the GOP also lost ground in state legislatures on Tuesday. However, given the circumstances, the losses were relatively modest: we lost 76 state senators and representatives, out of a grand total of 7380 nationwide. Speaking simply in terms of our own, we lost a net of 8 of 897 state senate seats held by Republicans, and 68 of 2398 state representatives. For more, | Read More »