Being gay doesn’t send you to Hell

    Gays don’t go to Hell because they are gay. They don’t go to Hell because they are married to another man, or sleep with another man. God does not condemn them for who they are.

    God sent the Law and He will not bend it. Grace is absolution, forgiveness, but it’s not permission to continue living a sinful life.

    I might do better to quit focusing on the part that happens after grace is accepted (obedience) and start focusing more on trying to make those living sinful lives understand that His grace is there unconditionally, and that I too am a recipient of that grace. We might all do better.

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    Christ in a Karmic Age

    Christ in a Karmic Age

    “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.” – Confucius Every religion and philosophy has a version of the Golden Rule. Until Christ showed up on the scene two thousand years ago, the rule was almost always expressed in the negative — do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you. It is, if you will | Read More »

    The Secret To Amereican Excetionalism

    I’m an American. I still believe in American exceptionalism, but perhaps now more than ever, I have come to understand that exceptionalism is not a result of merit … but grace. I came to that conclusion after honestly asking myself: Are we smarter than the Romans, who built a republic thousands of years ahead of us; more brilliant than the Germans, from whom we developed our rocket and space technology; better than the Brits, who were one of the largest empires ever built, or more tenacious than the Russians, who stopped the Germans in WW II? I doubt it.

    So, what made America exceptional? Certainly, at the time of the revolution it was not our military or financial prowess. Exceptionalism did not rest in the hands of the Continental Congress, who were as feckless as any deliberative body ever assembled. The case could be made that Washington was exceptional, yet he lost battle after battle, almost to the point of mutiny among his men and top generals.

    What, then, was that spark that set this nation apart from all others on earth? Sure, we have an abundance of natural resources: land, warm water ports, and so much more; still, I believe, to accurately define exceptionalism, one must look to the words of the Declaration of independence.

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    Observations from the Cheap Seats

    The press continues their fawning ways — now, remarking about the pace of Obama’s policy making in a transition period. We hear the words unprecedented, bold, and decisive. Somewhere lost in this salivating praise for The One is the fact that George W. Bush has permitted this president-elect unprecedented access to his policy advisors, to his economic briefings and to his cabinet level officials. Add | Read More »