Meet Grant Bosse (CAND, NH-00).

    On the principle that if a Congressional District that doesn’t exist can still generate 2,800 jobs (which also don’t exist) thanks to a ‘stimulus’ (which really doesn’t exist), it can generate a Congressman: See also here. Congressional hopeful Bosse has also called for a national Phantom Congress Movement. There’s already been several people joining up; somebody should start an official website. Or run for their | Read More »

    Conservatives Must Support Grant Bosse For NH-00: New Hampshire’s Fighting Double Zero

    All conservatives have a new congressional candidate to rally around. Now that the battle for NY-23 is over, I urge all conservatives to unite behind Grant Bosse, who has announced his candidacy for NH-00, New Hampshire’s infamous “fighting double zero”. So far, Kelly Ayotte, Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass have all endorsed Grant Bosse. I won’t sugarcoat it; Bosse has an uphill fight. His official | Read More »